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X-Files vs 30 Days of Night in new comic

Posted by LiveFor on April 19, 2010

Written by “30 Days of Night” co-creator Steve Niles and Adam Jones, guitarist for the band Tool, the six-issue series will send FBI Agents Mulder and Scully to Alaska just in time for the long season of darkness to take over the region. While investigating a strange murder, the pair discove that all is not what it seems in the case.

Veteran artist Tom Mandrake (“The Spectre”) will provide interior art for the series, which pairs DC’s Wildstorm imprint with “30 Days” publishers IDW Publishing. Wildstorm has provided Splash Page readers with the first, exclusive look at the standard cover to the series, created by Andrea Sorrentino. Variant covers by Tom Mandrake and Sam Kieth (“The Maxx”) will also be available.

It will be interesting to see how Mulder and Scully take on the Vampires of Barrow. Can’t wait to see Sam Keith’s cover. I love The Maxx.

Has the X-Files had its day though?

Source: MTV

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Heavy Metal – Who is writing and directing the sci-fi anthology?

Posted by LiveFor on March 11, 2010

Been a while since there has been any movement on the new Heavy Metal sci-fi anthology animated movie. Now author Neal Asher (check out my interview with him) has some more info on who will be directing and writing the various sections for the film – some top directors involved. I wonder if Cameron’s would have any ties to the Avatar universe?

Pre-release Information – A $50 million budget 3D CG animated movie based on the magazine. This probably won’t have any stories from the first 1981 movie, however like the first one, it will feature around seven or eight different stories. Each segment will be directed by a different person. The title to this movie hasn’t been chosen yet. This current title is just a placeholder.

Main Crew:
Executive Producer – David Fincher and James Cameron
Producer – Kevin Eastman and Tim Miller
Director – David Fincher (1 segment)
Director – James Cameron (1 segment)
Director – Zack Snyder (1 segment, a story that Kevin Eastman wrote)
Director – Gore Verbinski (1 segment)
Director – Mark Osborne (1 segment, a comedy with Jack Black)
Director – Tim Miller (1 segment)
Director – Jeff Fowler (1 segment)
Director – Kevin Eastman (tentatively 1 segment)
Director – Guillermo del Toro (tentatively 1 segment)
Director – Rob Zombie (tentatively 1 segment)

Writer – Marc Laidlaw (1 segment)
Writer – Steve Niles (1 segment)
Writer – Joe Haldeman (1 segment)
Writer – Neal Asher (1 segment)
Writer – Kevin Eastman (1 segment, a story that Zack Snyder will direct)
? – Jack Black (a comedy segment that Mark Osborne will direct. No details on how he’s involved, but most likely will be an actor)
? – Jhonen Vasquez (no details on how he’s involved, but most likely will be a writer)

Which of the writers and directors excites you the most?

Source: Heavy Metal

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30 Days of Night: Dark Days – Cast list for DVD sequel

Posted by LiveFor on October 20, 2009

dark-days-comic-cover2Bloody-Disgusting has revealed the full cast for the upcoming straight-to-DVD sequel of 30 Days of Night, entitled 30 Days of Night: Dark Days.

Rhys Coiro (Entourage) will play a lead character while Mia Kirschner (The Black Dahlia) will play the lead vampire, Lilith. Harold Perrineau (Lost, 28 Weeks Later), Kiele Sanchez (A Perfect Getaway), Diora Baird (Night of the Demons, Stan Helsing) and Monica Ganderton also star in the film. The site has also received the first plot synopsis, which you can read below.

After nearly a year of struggling to expose the truth, a desperate and lonely Stella decides to join a group of rogue vampire hunters to seek revenge on Lilith, the powerful vampire responsible for the attack on her Alaskan town…

Production started today on the film, but it wasn’t quite clear when the DVD would be set for release.
Steve Niles’ 30 Days of Night: Dark Days, the sequel to his hit vampires-in-Alaska comic book series 30 Days of Night, is by courtesy of Niles and writer-director Ben Ketai.

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Criminal Macabre heading for the big screen

Posted by LiveFor on August 16, 2009

crimmacabreUniversal Pictures has acquired Criminal Macabre, the Dark Horse Entertainment comicbook miniseries created by Steve Niles (30 Days of Night) according to Bloody Disgusting. Kyle Ward has been set to write the script.

The story centers around a supernatural detective who doubles as hitman, taking out all the vampires, ghosts and other unsavory monsters who live among humans, hiding in the shadows by day and emerging at night.

It is a comic that I always hear good things from, but have never actually read. It all sounds like things we have seen before.

Have you read it? Is it and good and would it work as a film?

As you can see from the cover above, Thomas Jane, has posed for many of the covers as the main character, Cal McDonald. The question is will he be cast in the film in the lead role?

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Wake the Dead – Concept art for Steve Niles Frankenstein type film

Posted by LiveFor on November 26, 2008

Writer Steve Niles (30 Days of Night, Epilogue) gave a look at one of the conceptual pieces from the upcoming feature film adaptation of his graphic novel Wake the Dead.

“The screenplay, written by Jay Russell and Jim V. Hart is complete,” Niles tells us. Russell is also directing for producer Charlie Lyons. “We recently met with Richard Taylor of WETA and they are set to go, and have even supplied us with early concept art by Gino Acevedo (above).”

Wake the Dead, a modern-day Frankenstein story, was published as a mini-series by IDW. Russell and Hart came aboard the project in May (first details).

“I just read the screenplay, and I can say without a doubt that the screenwriters knocked it out of the park,” Niles enthuses. “The script captures the comic and goes way beyond. Honestly, I couldn’t be happier. It’s everything I imagined and more. Jay and Jim expanded the story beautifully, adding to both the haunting romance and the straightforward horror. I think fans are in for something special.”

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Steve Niles says Epilogue would make a good TV show

Posted by LiveFor on October 18, 2008

I mentioned a while ago how Steve Niles (30 Days of Night) new comic book, Epilogue, would make a good movie. Well Steve has been talking to MTV about it and he thinks it would make a good TV show.

“I love superheroes and I never get a chance to write them,” Niles said. “So I created my own.”

Ethan Smart has a wife and two kids, until his family is attacked by vampires. He barely escapes and becomes a vampire himself, but like a certain serial killer on HBO’s rival network, he has a code -– he’ll only feed off people who hurt other people.

“Imagine if your family was killed by vampires,” Niles said. “You probably wouldn’t be too thrilled by them. So he’s trying to hunt the vampires who destroyed his family, and he’s living by killing criminals and letting the police know about it. He has nothing to be afraid of.”

Since Smart is more of a crime-fighter, he’s less Blade and more Batman -– “if you can imagine Batman ramped up to the 100th degree,” Niles said. And for HBO’s purposes, “He’s more like the Crow than True Blood,” Niles said. Furthermore, Smart’s not that close to the other vamps’ trail — “he doesn’t even know where to start,” explained Niles -– so the vampirism angle is more background than foreground.

“I’d love to do something for HBO,” Niles said. “This is much more a TV series than a movie. And it would be cool. You could really play with the whole morality of it.”

What do you think about the sound of that?


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Epilogue – Steve Niles super vampire comic that would make a great movie.

Posted by LiveFor on September 21, 2008

This is the first in a semi-regular feature where I look at a comic that is crying out to be a movie (I’ll try and do the same with some books and things).

This one is called Epilogue and is by Steven Niles (30 Days of Night) and Kyle Hotz.

Niles describes it like this.

“It’s about a family man, Ethan Smart, who’s very happy with his wife and two kids. One night they’re attacked by vampires. Ethan escapes while his family is murdered and he becomes a vampire. He doesn’t like vampires and he’s a moral man, so he has to come up with a way to cope with this, so he decides that he’ll only feed off of people who hurt others. When he’s not fighting crime to stay alive, he is hunting for the vampires who killed his family, while attracting a lot of attention from the human and vampire worlds, neither of which is thrilled with his activities.”

There’s always that tortured superhero thing, but here’s a guy who has lost everything and the thing that gives him his powers is what he hates the most, so it’s got a good emotional punch to it.”

I personally think that sounds great and when he puts the mask on it covers everything but his teeth giving him a Giger alien vibe. That would look cracking on the big screen and you’ve got a great back story for the plot to build on, plus the real world not being happy with his activities could add an extra dimension to the proceedings (something that Blade: Trinity chucked away along with everything else to do with that movie!)

Just letting you know of this if you haven’t already. Keep watching for more news on this as it will no doubt become a screenplay somewhere down the line.

What do you think of the story? Could it work as a movie? Have you read the comic? What are your thoughts on it?


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