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Just for the Record – Trailer for Brit Mockumentary about the film biz

Posted by LiveFor on March 27, 2010

Quite a cast – Steven Berkoff, Phil Davis, Danny Dyer, Craig Fairbrass, Ciaran Griffiths, Roland Manookian, Lisa McAllister, Callum McNab, Billy Murray, Sean Pertwee, Colin Salmon, Victoria Silvstedt, Triana Terry, Ian Virgo. It tells the story of a catastrophic low-budget film-shoot, as related by its cast and crew to a documentary maker played by comedy superstar Rik Mayall.

Just For The Record is a warning to anyone thinking of making a feature film on the cheap. By turns hilarious, tragic and poignant, the direct to camera interviews of the cast and crew expose the truth of the seedy, cash-strapped and ultimately thankless world of micro-budget filmmaking.

Reminiscing about every stage of the process from conception through scripting, casting, preproduction, shooting, editing and ultimately giving up in despair – this pathetic tale will entertain, inform and warn off anyone thinking of getting involved in a similar project.

In 2008 an independent production company set out to make the micro-budget feature film ‘Just For The Record’. Armed with a stellar cast of top TV actors, the world’s most advanced digital camera and a quirky location to die for … what could possibly go wrong? A lot, as it happens.

A year after the film has been abandoned, the cast and crew reunite for a series of interviews about the ill-fated production.

Directed by Steven Lawson (Dead Cert)
Source: /film

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Dead Cert – London gangsters vs vampires

Posted by LiveFor on November 22, 2009

Dead Cert stars Craig Fairbrass (EastEnders, Modern Warfare 2, Cliffhanger), Billy Murray (The Bill, EastEnders and also the producer on the project) plus Jason Flemyng (Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button) and Steven Berkoff. Directed by former actor Steven Lawson.
In the film a gang of tough London gangsters get more than they bargained for when a group of businessmen make an offer to buy their club, the Inferno. They turn out to be nothing less than Vampires wanting their land back and turn viciously on the gangsters when their demands are not met.

Source: STYD

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