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Breaking down the Badasses – Chart shows which Action star has the highest body count

Posted by LiveFor on April 1, 2010

There are a few people missing from the chart but still funny and informative. Click it to for the larger version.


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Words of Wisdom from Steven Seagal

Posted by LiveFor on December 31, 2009

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Avatar / On Deadly Ground Mashup

Posted by LiveFor on December 27, 2009

Nothing like James Cameron and Steven Seagal getting together.

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Machete – Danny Trejo talks sequels and De Niro

Posted by LiveFor on December 21, 2009

Robert Rodriguez’s Machete edges ever closer and Collider spoke to Danny Trejo about what the film was about and what it was like working with Robert De Niro.

Well uh…Machete kicks ass. It is a culmination of Desperado, Once Upon a Time in Mexico…there’s even a little bit of From Dusk ‘Til Dawn in there. I think it’s gonna be one of his best. And I’m not just saying that cause I’m the lead, it’s just a great movie. I think everybody’s gonna walk away from that movie with some opinion. It’s a battle for our border, you know? People are really serious about what’s going on with the border, and it shows the negative side of both sides. Not just, we want everybody to cross or we don’t want anybody to cross. It shows the negative side of both sides. Everybody’s gonna be pissed off.

Get a bag of popcorn and just sit and watch and you go back to the 1960s.

When I first saw Robert De Niro on the set, he came up and his first words to me were, “Don’t leave me like this, homes.” You know, that was my line in Heat. And I kind of laughed and he said, “Man, Danny, I’m really proud of you. You’re the lead. This is it, this is you.” And I looked him right in the eyes and I said, “Can I get you some coffee, Mr. De Niro?” [Laughter] You know, cause that’s the guy. I couldn’t believe that Robert got De Niro. And then Jessica Alba, you know? And Lindsay Lohan. And Michelle Rodriguez, and Jeff Fahey, and Steven Seagal, and Cheech Marin. It just goes on and on. It was really hard like not just giggling, you know? I mean, when you’re working, just not giggling. You know, come on, grow up. But it was amazing, and that cast was amazing.

We want Machete, Machete Kills, and Machete Kills Again. [Laughter] That’s mine and Robert’s standards, you know? Every time I text him, he’ll text me back, Machete 2, coming up. [Laughs]

Below is the fake trailer from Grindhouse that started it all.

Source: Collider

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Machete – Promo poster for Robert Rodriguez’s feature film

Posted by LiveFor on November 6, 2009

Check out Jessica Alba in the poster from the film that was just a little old trailer.

I can’t wait to see the posters for Steven Seagal, Robert De Niro and Lindsay Lohan!

Source: Bloody Disgusting

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Machete – First look at Tom Savini

Posted by LiveFor on October 9, 2009

Tom Savini Machete image
Here is our first look at FX guru and genre favourite Tom Savini in Robert Rodriguez’s Machete.

Savini stars alongside Danny Trejo, Michelle Rodriguez, Robert De Niro, Jessica Alba, Lindsey Lohan, Steven Seagal, Cheech Marin, Don Johnson, Jeff Fahey, Elise Avellan and Electra Avellan (as the Sexy Nurses) in the feature-lenth version of Rodriguez’s faux trailer made for Grindhouse.

I still find it mad that we are going to see De Niro, Lindsay Lohan and Steven Seagal in the same film.

Machete (Trejo) is a Mexican ex-Federale with a gift for wielding a blade, who hides out as a day laborer, who is double-crossed by a corrupt state senator.

Bloody Disgusting had this and many other photos plus the synopsis below.

“The feature version of the trailer finds Machete (Trejo) a renegade former Mexican Federale, roaming the streets of Texas after a shakedown from drug lord Torrez (Seagal). Reluctantly, Machete takes an offer from spin doctor Benz (Fahey) to assassinate McLaughlin (De Niro) a corrupt Senator. Double crossed and on the run Machete braves the odds with the help of Luz (Rodriguez), a saucy taco slinger, Padre (Marin) his “holy” brother, and April (Lohan) a socialite with a penchant for guns. All while being tracked by Sartana (Alba), a sexy ICE agent with a special interest in the blade slinger.”

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Steven Seagal is a real Lawman!

Posted by LiveFor on August 27, 2009

seagalCriminals run in fear. Steven Seagal is not just a cook.

For almost 20 years, Seagal has been working as a fully-commissioned deputy with the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office in Louisiana. In fact, in addition to going out on patrol, Seagal is an expert marksman who has worked with their SWAT team and has instructed Jefferson Parish officers in firearms and hand-to-hand combat.

“I’ve been working as an officer in Jefferson Parish for two decades under most people’s radar,” said Seagal, “I’ve decided to work with A&E on this series now because I believe it’s important to show the nation all the positive work being accomplished here in Louisiana – to see the passion and commitment that comes from the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office in this post-Katrina environment.”

“Steven is a hero both on and off camera and helps fight crime because he cares about the community,” said Sharenow, “It’s such an amazing revelation that this larger-than-life star has been doing real police work for nearly 20 years.”

Until now, Seagal has never sought publicity for his work with the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office. However, over a span of almost two decades, he has regularly gone out on patrol and worked major cases. The series will allow fans to ride shotgun with Seagal as he and his hand-selected elite team of deputies respond to crimes-in-progress. Then, when Seagal goes off-duty, the cameras will continue following him as he pursues his many ventures – including musical performances and philanthropic efforts – in Jefferson Parish and New Orleans.

“Steven has a very close relationship with the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office and I’m proud to have him as part of our team,” said Sheriff Newell Normand, “I cannot tell you how honored I am to not only be affiliated with Steven, but with A&E and all their support in highlighting the efforts, the trials and the tribulations of the men and woman of the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office.”

Steven Seagal is best known for playing the invincible action hero character that defined his career in such films as Above the Law, Hard to Kill, Under Siege (1 & 2) and blockbuster hit Exit Wounds. His familiarity with his signature roles stem from a long personal history with Eastern culture in both studying martial arts as well as practicing Buddhism. He is also a recording artist and guitarist, is founder of Steven Seagal Enterprises that markets his own all-natural energy drink “Steven Seagal’s Lightning Bolt” and is a dedicated philanthropist and activist for environmentalism and animal rights.

Source: AE News

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Machete – Check out the supporting cast

Posted by LiveFor on August 5, 2009

Variety has confirmation of many rumours that had been floating around about Robert Rodriguez’s Machete. Have a read:

Danny Trejo is playing the title character and Robert De Niro, Jessica Alba, Michelle Rodriguez, Steven Seagal, Lindsay Lohan, Cheech Marin, Don Johnson and Jeff Fahey play supporting roles

De Niro, Seagal, Lohan and more! Good or bad it will definitely be one to watch.

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UPDATED: De Niro & Seagal may be fighting Machete!

Posted by LiveFor on July 17, 2009

We are all looking forward to the feature length version of Robert Rodriguez’s Machete.

Danny Trejo is back in the title role and he’s out for revenge.

Now Bloody Disgusting have some interesting rumours on other cast members:

  • Michelle Rodriguez will play a character named Luz.
  • Jonah Hill will play Julio.
  • Robert De Niro will play Senator McLaughlin.

That’s right. De Niro! If he is on a good day when he films this then it should be amazing. Plus he will have to have a big smackdown with Trejo.

Still just a rumour, but a very good one.

UPDATE: The Playlist have the news that Steven Seagal will almost definitely be starring in the film. Sounding like another Expendables!


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How Steven Seagal Makes a Movie

Posted by LiveFor on March 22, 2009

Source: Cracked

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