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Doctor Who: Victory of the Daleks – What did you think of episode 3?

Posted by LiveFor on April 18, 2010

Third episode of Matt Smith’s adventures in the TARDIS and this time he is back in war torn London helping Winston Churchill fight the Daleks. Spoilers ahead.

Mark Gatiss (The Leage of Gentlemen) wrote the episode. It was good, but did have some faults. Mainly that it was all a bit quick. They were no sooner in London, then zip, zoom, zam it was over.

Still we did get to see a new generation of colourful Daleks (all the better to make kiddies buy each version). Nice to see them changing as well, but I am not sure of the new look. They’re taller so as to match Smith and Karen Gillan’s height, but they just seem a bit too bulky and sleek. The various colour schemes are a good nod to Peter Cushing’s Doctor in the old movies – wonder if they will try and tie that in to continuity somehow.

I liked the idea of the Brit scientist who wasn’t actually human. Would be nice to see him crop up again in some way.

My biggest bugbear is the fact that, like last weeks episode, the Doctor didn’t really do much and that Amy Pond again saved the day. Always cool that the companion does stuff, but it is the Doctor you tune in to watch each week.

Still, lots of foundation building for future Dalek episodes (was each one given a name? I missed that bit when they were introduced) and what is the deal with Amy not knowing about them? Did the Doctor pick her up from the early 1990s so they had not yet invaded? As we know from the first episode the Doctor has taken her on board for a reason that involves the cracks in the universe – when young Amy heard the TARDIS did she have an adventure with him that she has forgotten?

Looking forward to next weeks episode, The Time of Angels, with the return of the Weeping Angels and Alex Kingston as River Song.

Things to ponder. Now over to you. What did you think of the episode and the ongoing plots developing in the series?

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Doctor Who – First look at the new TARDIS interior

Posted by LiveFor on March 30, 2010

As you know Matt Smith is the new face of Doctor Who. The TARDIS is also getting a face lift (after Tennant almost destroyed it when he regenerated) and here is our first clear look at the new interior. It is good and bad. I like the staircases and the sense of scale they give something that has been missing in the past few series – where does that one on the left take us in the photo at the bottom?

It all looks a bit disco though, but that could just be the lighting. What are your thoughts on it all?

Source: io9

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Doctor Who – Clip from the first episode of Matt Smith’s Doctor

Posted by LiveFor on March 19, 2010

Here is a clip from The Eleventh Hour, the first episode of Matt Smith’s Doctor.

He’s fixing the TARDIS and chatting to the young future companion Amy Pond.

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Doctor Who – Description of the New TARDIS’ interior

Posted by LiveFor on March 12, 2010

At the recent regeneration of Tennant’s Doctor to Matt Smith, the TARDIS got blasted. We’ve known it was going to get a new look and now we get a description of it.

First of all it will be bigger and is probably three times the size of David Tennant’s. There are multiple levels, joined by staircases. And the Telegraph adds:

Less grubby than its predecessor, with a transparent plastic floor on the main level, its walls are resplendent with polished copper and its central column features a blown glass decoration that could be straight from Tales of the Unexpected. There are old car seats and downstairs – downstairs! – a swing. With a nod to Paul McGann’s Tardis, the central column features an old TV screen on an extendable trellis. It also has a 1980s-style computer keyboard, and a His-Master’s-Voice style trumpet speaker. Viewers won’t see this Tardis until the end of episode one, when the Doctor and Amy walk in for their first journey together.

Viewers won’t see this Tardis until the end of episode one, which will be 60 minutes, when the Doctor and Amy walk in for their first journey together.

The sonic screwdriver is also due a makeover as it gets blasted in the first episode.

Matt Smith asks, ‘Have you seen the new sonic screwdriver yet?’ and pulls it from his pocket. It’s a very shiny metal toy with a green light and, when Smith flicks his hand, metal claws that pop out at one end.

I’m made up they are expanding the interior of the TARDIS. I remember years ago you saw courtyards and corridors within in it and would love to see an episode set inside it.

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Doctor Who – First look at the new TARDIS interior

Posted by LiveFor on October 22, 2009

Matt Smith is the new Doctor. This we know. What has long been rumoured is that the TARDIS would also be getting a new look and this is our first glimpse of it.

io9 found the photos.

What do you think of the new look? Good, bad or Disco?

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Dr. Who in Torchwood and the TARDIS gets a facelift

Posted by LiveFor on June 13, 2009

During a preview last night of the all-five-episodes-in-a-week new season of Torchwood: Children of Earth , Russell T Davies talked about future plans for the team and the Doctor.

Davies wants more Torchwood/Doctor Who spinoffs, but would only be drawn to a mention of the Doctor in the last episode of the new Torchwood series. Though he will appear in the upcoming third series of The Sarah Jane Adventures.

A fourth series of Torchwood is in pre-production but has not yet been greenlit. Russell has no plans to leave Torchwood – that’s if it gets a fourth series. The reception to the third series will determine that.

The TARDIS is getting a more retro look in the fifth series and that the Eleventh Doctor played by Matt Smith, will be facing Daleks in his very first episode.

Source: Bleeding Cool

Discuss in the forum or leave a comment below.


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