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The Walking Dead – Casting Begins

Posted by LiveFor on March 26, 2010

Well it is about time. We now have some casting news for Frank Darabont’s small screen adaptation of the amazing Robert Kirkman zombie comic, The Walking Dead

The first to be cast isn’t main character Rick Grimes. Instead it is Rick’s cop partner and best friend Shane. He looks after Rick’s wife and son while Rick catches up with thm.

So who will be playing Shane? “The Ghost Writer” co-star Jon Bernthal that’s who according the THR. He was also Al Capone in Night at the Museum 2 and is Sgt. Manuel Rodriguez in The Pacific.

The Walking Dead is based on Robert Kirkman’s popular comic book. It chronicles the months and years following a zombie apocalypse. Frank Darabont is the project’s writer, director, and exec producer with Anne Hurd and David Alpert also exec producing.

I imagine we’ll be hearing more casting news over the next few days.

Can’t wait. Like Fearless Leader Phil I’ve been a fan of the comic for a while so I can’t wait to see who else will star in this show.

If you haven’t read any of them yet you can pick up the first volume of the collected comic book below. Well worth it.

The Walking Dead Book 1: Bk. 1 –
The Walking Dead, Book 1 (Bk. 1) –

Call me Ish

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The Ghost – New poster for Polanski’s new film

Posted by LiveFor on February 22, 2010

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The Ghost Writer – French poster for Polanski’s new film

Posted by LiveFor on January 20, 2010

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The Ghost Writer – Trailer for Roman Polanski’s new film

Posted by LiveFor on January 14, 2010

When a successful British ghostwriter, THE GHOST (Ewan McGregor), agrees to complete the memoirs of former British Prime Minister ADAM LANG (Pierce Brosnan), his agent assures him it’s the opportunity of a lifetime. But the project seems doomed from the start-not least because his predecessor on the project, Lang’s long-term aide, died in an unfortunate accident.

The Ghost flies out to work on the project, in the middle of winter, to an oceanfront house on an island off the U.S. Eastern seaboard. But the day after he arrives, a former British cabinet minister accuses Lang of authorizing the illegal seizure of suspected terrorists and handing them over for torture by the CIA-a war crime. The controversy brings reporters and protesters swarming to the island mansion where Lang is staying with his wife, RUTH, and his personal assistant (and mistress), AMELIA. As The Ghost works, he begins to uncover clues suggesting his predecessor may have stumbled on a dark secret linking Lang to the CIA-and that somehow this information is hidden in the manuscript he left behind. Was Lang in the service of the American intelligence agency while he was prime minister? And was The Ghost’s predecessor murdered because of the appalling truth he uncovered?

Resonating with topical themes, this atmospheric and suspenseful political thriller is a story of deceit and betrayal on every level- sexual, political and literary. In a world in which nothing, and no one, is as it seems, The Ghost quickly discovers that the past can be deadly-and that history is decided by whoever stays alive to write it.

The film stars Ewan McGregor, Pierce Brosnan, Kim Cattrall, Olivia Williams, and Tom Wilkinson.
Vodpod videos no longer available.

What did you think of that?

Due out on the 19th February.

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The Random – Kick-Ass, The Ghost Writer, Cowboys & Aliens, Thor, The Hobbit, G.I. Joe, Clash of the Titans, Tree of Life, Despicable Me, The Expendables, Faster

Posted by LiveFor on January 8, 2010

The South by Southwest (SXSW) Film Conference and Festival has announced it will host the world premiere of Lionsgate and Marv Films’ “Kick-Ass” for its 2010 Opening Night on March 12th in Austin, Texas.

Polanski’s The Ghost Writer to be released in February according to Variety.

Jon Favreau’s 3D comic adaptation “Cowboys & Aliens” at DreamWorks is apparently slated to start shooting in July –More

Shooting is scheduled to begin today on Marvel Studios’ “Thor” at Raleigh Studios in Manhattan Beach. ‘Babel’ and Drag Me to Hell actress Adriana Barraza may be joining the cast.

The two Guillermo del Toro-directed Hobbit films will begin filming this June for a 14-month shoot in New Zealand.

Zombieland writers may have been hired by Paramount Pictures to begin work on the script for the sequel to “G.I. Joe: Rise of the Cobra

Rock band Muse is tipped to be doing the film score for the upcoming Clash of the Titans remake – More

Terrence Malick’s “The Tree of Life” could be heading for a Cannes Film Festival premiere and a Fall release – More

Three-time Grammy Award winner Pharrell Williams will write original music for Universal Pictures’ upcoming 3-D CGI feature “Despicable Me“. This marks the first time The Neptunes and N.E.R.D. artist will compose music for a film. Oscar winner Hans Zimmer and Heitor Pereira are also composing the score.

Sylvester Stallone broke his neck while filming The Expendables.

Maggie Grace (Lost, Taken) joins Dwayne Johnson and Billy Bob Thornton in FasterMore

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Roman Polanski’s The Ghost is on hold due to the whole arrest thing

Posted by LiveFor on September 29, 2009

The-Ghost4Roman Polanski’s arrest in Switzerland has put his latest film, The Ghost in limbo.
According to the director’s ICM agent, Jeff Berg, Polanski “had completed much of the editing on The Ghost. But other postproduction work, including music scoring and sound mixing, had yet to be done.”

The Ghost is based on the novel from Robert Harris. It stars Pierce Brosnan as the fictional former British leader Adam Lang. Ewan McGregor plays a ghostwriter that is hired to help complete Lang’s memoirs. Other members of the cast are Kim Cattrall, Tom Wilkinson, Olivia Williams and James Belushi.

The film does not yet have distribution in the U.S., but it has distribution in many territories overseas.

Also, Polanski’s French lawyer Herve Temime says that the director is going to fight extradition to the U.S. In a statement Temime said that he would ask Swiss authorities to release the 76-year-old director immediately.

“After that, his defense team will demonstrate the illegal nature of the extradition request he is facing,” he stated. “He is in a fighting mood and determined to defend himself.”

Polanski left America in 1978 when he pled guilty to having unlawful sexual intercourse with a 13-year-old girl in Los Angeles.

He was arrested over the weekend in Zurich. He had traveled there to receive a lifetime achievement award from the Zurich Film Festival.

The Ghost is Polanski’s first movie with a U.S. setting since 1974’s Chinatown. Areas in Germany doubled for the story’s New England settings.

It is currently not known when work might continue on The Ghost. Berg remains optimistic about his client’s ability to work this situation out.

“I’m always optimistic when it comes to Roman,” Berg stated. “He’s strong, and he has survived every situation imaginable.”

Source: THR

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The Random – Sex and the City 2, Moneyball, The Ghost, The Electric Slide, The Rum Diaries, The Oscars, The Baster, Pancho Villa, Ironclad

Posted by LiveFor on February 6, 2009

All four principal cast members (Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Kristin Davis and Cynthia Nixon) and writer-director Michael Patrick Kin have signed on for Sex and the City 2. THR has more.

Steven Soderbergh (Che) is set to make the big-screen adaptation of Michael Lewis’ book “Moneyball: The Art of Winning An Unfair Game” his next directing project. Brad Pitt is set star as the main character Billy Beane. Moneyball centers on Billy Beane, the general manager of the Oakland Athletics, who used sophisticated computer analysis systems to piece together a team that regularly contended for the World Series despite possessing a payroll dramatically lower than big-market rivals like the New York Yankees.

Timothy Hutton has been cast in Roman Polanski’s The Ghost, which tells the story of a ghostwriter (Ewan McGregor) who uncovers secrets while completing the memoirs of a former British prime minister (Pierce Brosnan). Hutton will play the role of the prime minister’s American lawyer. THR hs more.

Ewan McGregor and Carey Mulligan are in talks to star in Tristan Patterson’s The Electric Slide, about a guy who robbed more than 72 banks in the 1980’s before getting caught by the FBI. More in Variety

The Hollywood Reporter say that Amber Heard (who will star in John Carpenter’s The Ward) will star opposite Johnny Depp in Rum Diary, the adaptation of the Hunter S. Thompson novel adapted and directed by Bruce Robinson.

Bennett Miller (Capote), Baz Luhrmann (Australia) and Judd Apatow (Knocked Up) are set to direct segments for the upcoming 81st Annual Academy Awards which is broadcast on February 22nd says the AP Wire. Luhrmann has created a production number featuring Oscar host Hugh Jackman, Miller will contribue a short film sequence to kick off the ceremony, and Apatow will direct a comedic tribute short film along with some live action material for that section of the show.

Jennifer Aniston and Jason Bateman will team up for the romantic comedy The Baster for Mandate Pictures reports the trades. Bateman and Aniston will play best friends Wally and Kassie. When neurotic and insecure Wally learns that Kassie plans to become pregnant through artificial insemination, he secretly replaces the donor’s semen with his own and must live with the secret that he is the father of her child. You can see the comedy potential in that scenario can’t you!

Serbian helmer Emir Kusturica (Black Cat, White Cat, Time of the Gypsies) will make a biopic about Mexican revolutionary Pancho Villa for Fidelite says Variety. Entitled Seven Friends of Pancho Villa and the Woman With Six Fingers, the Gordan Mihic co-penned script is based on James Carlos Blake’s novel “The Friends of Pancho Villa” about the legendary outlaw turned general and governor. Javier Bardem is being sought out by the director to play Villa, but no casting is yet confirmed.

Camilla Belle (10,000 BC) will team with The Tudors stars Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Peter O’Toole for Aloe Entertainment and Dune Films’ Mary, Mother of Christ reports the trades. Belle will star as the titular Biblical character, Meyers will play the dual roles of Gabriel and Lucifer, and Peter O’Toole will play Symeon who meets Mary and her family in the temple shortly after Jesus’ birth. Al Pacino and Jessica Lange are in talks to play King Herod and Anna the Prophetess respectively.

James Purefoy, Robert Carlyle , Bob Hoskins and William Moseley (The Chronicles of Narnia) have joined the cast of medieval action thriller Ironclad for ContentFilm International says The Hollywood Reporter. Based on a legendary story, “Ironclad” is set in 13th century England and tells the story of a formidable Knight Templar (Purefoy) and his “Magnificent Seven” who defended historic Rochester Castle against the tyrant, King John (Paul Giamatti), and his mercenary army. Pete Postlethwaite, Lord Richard Attenborough, Colm Meany and Angus McFayden also star.

Robert Downey Jr., Tina Fey and Ben Stiller are in talks for DreamWorks Animation’s dark superhero project Master Mind reports Reuters. Alan J. Schoolcraft and Brent Simons script concerns a brilliant superhero villain who loses his life’s purpose when he accidentally kills his good-guy nemesis. Stiller’s Red Hour Films will also produce the satire which will hit theaters on November 5th 2010.

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The Ghost – Roman Polanski has cast Tom Wilkinson, Pierce Brosnan, Ewan McGregor and…James Belushi?

Posted by LiveFor on January 23, 2009

/film have the news that Roman Polanski’s The Ghost has added Tom Wilkinson and James Belushi to its cast. That’s right, James Belushi. Looks like he’s made it to the big leagues.

They join Pierce Brosnan, Ewan McGregor, Kim Cattrall and Olivia Williams. The film will start shooting in Berlin on 4th February.

It is an adaption from the Robert Harris novel and tells the story of a Adam Lang (Pierce Brosnan), a former British Prime Minister who’s in the process of writing his memoirs. When the death of a colleague disrupts his life, a ghostwriter (Ewan McGregor) is called in to assist him in completing the book. But when the ghostwriter digs a little deeper into his subject’s life, he finds disturbing secrets that have far-reaching consequences.

Sounds pretty intriguing and I may pick up the book to have a read. Anyone read it? Is it a good tale?

As for Polanski and his constant battle with the US legal people it looks as if the court case has been delayed.

An appeals court has halted a planned hearing on the legal travails of the
director Roman Polanski. On Wednesday Judge Peter Espinoza of the Los Angeles
County Superior Court was supposed to consider Mr. Polanski’s request that a
longstanding case against him, in which he was found guilty of having sex with a
13-year-old girl in 1977, be dismissed. Mr. Polanski claimed, among other
things, that there had been misconduct by a judge and a deputy district attorney
on the eve of his sentencing. Judge Espinoza had already thrown out a request by
Mr. Polanski’s lawyers to move the case from Los Angeles, where they said he
couldn’t get a fair hearing. Responding to a late request by Mr. Polanski’s
lawyers, the appeals court issued a stay of Wednesday’s planned proceedings and
gave the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office until Jan. 30 to file
opposition to the request.

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