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Grant Morrison and Stephen Fry working on a Doctor Who type thing

Posted by LiveFor on November 3, 2009

grant_morrisonThe always excellent Bleeding Cool had this extremely interesting story.

Director Paul McGuigan twittered earlier;

Pitching meeting today. Grant Morrison out-dressed me with his purple suit. I need to up my game.

McGuigan and Morrison are back in Scotland right now. We don’t know what they are pitching, in what medium, who for, who to, indeed we have no other information available whatsoever.

But if anyone sees a bald thin middle aged guy in a purple suit somewhere in Scotland today, do please report in…

UPDATE: It’s BBC Scotland. I’ve been told for a while that certain people at BBC Scotland are very jealous at BBC Wales for getting Doctor Who and Torchwood. Grant Morrison has talked about wanting to write for the Doctor Who TV show but that he hadn’t been approached. Maybe this is his way of getting his own sci-fi TV show off the ground.

Hell, maybe it is The Invisibles.

UPDATE UPDATE: Whatever it is I understand it will involve national twittertreasure Stephen Fry.

Grant Morrison and Stephen Fry are both polymaths of the highest order. This is where it gets interesting.

God if it was an Invisibles TV show that would be amazing.

Grant Morrison (We3, Batman, Batman and Robin, The Invisibles and so much more) working on a TV show is so cool.

What are your thoughts and what could it be?

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What does Grant Morrison have to say about an Invisibles movie?

Posted by LiveFor on July 17, 2009

Comic master Grant Morrison has been talking to MTV. Amongst other things he mentioned the possibility of his classic series, The Invisibles, heading to the big screen.

“Yeah, I’d love to see it, but it’s not happening anytime soon,” said Morrison. “I kind of want to do a different take on it, because obviously when ‘The Matrix’ came out, it was covering a lot of similar areas. There were bald guys in fetish amounts doing kung-fu.”

“We’ve kind of seen that, so I don’t want to go down that road,” continued Morrison. “But I came up with a take on ‘The Invisibles’ that I think is really new, so yeah, it’s something I’d like to see done. I’d like to see it as a video game as well, if anything.”

Now what on Earth would an Invisibles video game entail?


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