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Cool Minimalist Posters – Innerspace, Ghostbusters, The Fly, Back to the Future, Network, 2001 and More

Posted by LiveFor on February 22, 2010

I love alternative movie posters especially those done in a minimalist style. These are some more stunning examples of the craft. All are done by Brandon Schaefer and he has lots more over on Seek and Speak. Which one is your favourite and which is the cleverest?

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POLL: What is your favourite John Carpenter film?

Posted by LiveFor on December 31, 2009

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John Carpenter’s The Ward – Amber Heard has an update

Posted by LiveFor on October 15, 2009

heardI recently posted a review of The Thing for my 31 Days of Horror. I mentioned there how much I loved that film and I am a big John Carpenter fan.

STYD spoke to Amber Heard (Zombieland, All the Boys Love Mandy Lane, The Rum Diary) and they brought up the new John Carpenter film, The Ward.

“I think it’s awesome,” she enthused. “John is a legend and rightfully so. I love that I got to work with him.”

Heard co-stars alongside Danielle Panabaker and Jared Harris in what is Carpenter’s first feature film since Ghosts of Mars. “My character is arrested and thrown into an institution in the ’60s,” she explains of the supernatural thriller. “She meets all of these other characters and things start happening in the institution. You have to second-guess your main character, me, because she is in a mental institution. There are a lot of things that are coming in and out of the story and you don’t know what to think. It’s pretty intense. The film’s in post-production and it will hopefully honor the script, but it was fantastic and a thrilling story.”

Really excited about a new John Carpenter film. The Thing is genius, Halloween superb, Escape from New York is brilliant, They Live best fight scene ever, Starman, Big Trouble in Little China, Ghosts of Mars….moving on.

I just hope JC has got his mojo back and we get some of the greatness we used to love.

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Don McKay – Trailer for Thomas Haden Church and Elizabeth Shue’s new film

Posted by LiveFor on October 8, 2009

don_mckayIt was back in June when I first mentioned Don McKay. It stars Thomas Haden Church (Sideways, Spider-Man 3, George of the Jungle, The Specials) and Elizabeth Shue (Piranha 3D, The Karate Kid, Leaving Las Vegas) and is directed by Jake Goldberger. sounds mighty cool in a twisty turny kind of way.

Twenty-five years after abandoning his hometown, Don McKay gets a letter from his ex-girlfriend saying that she is dying and wants him to come see her. When Don returns home, Sonny doesn’t seem quite like he remembers her and everything seems a little bit off. In this darkly comic debut thriller, writer/director Jake Goldberger tells a story where no one is who they seem and everyone appears to be hiding something.

It also stars Melissa Leo and even cooler features the mighty M Emmett Walsh (Blood Simple, Blade Runner) and my fave Keith David (The Thing, They Live, Pitch Black, Requiem for a Dream and so much more).

An intriguing plot and some great actors are involved so it should, hopefully, be an absolute gem of a film.

Now Quiet Earth have come across this clip.

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Cool Poster Mashups

Posted by LiveFor on September 25, 2009

Source: io9

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Best Fight Scene Ever Part 1 – They Live

Posted by LiveFor on August 1, 2009

Just put the glasses on!

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If you could get one cool prop from a movie for Christmas, what would you pick?

Posted by LiveFor on December 5, 2008

Christmas is getting closer and geese are getting fatter my thoughts turn to presents, food, Father Christmas and not enought time off work. Obviously the whole point of Christmas is the gifts…and spending times with loved ones…and the birth of some kid back in thay…but mainly it’s all about the gifts.

As this is a site dedicated to films (with a bit of comic, music and random stuff thrown in just to keep you guessing) I started wondering what cool item of movie memorabilia would be great to get as a gift this Christmas. You know what I’m talking about. That one piece of magic from a film that you always wish was yours, not replicas, I’m talking about the actual prop from the film (I know, I know, the real prop will more than likely be a sketchy pile of bits that on screen look great but in real life aren’t so hot, but you know what I mean) – a proton pack, Indy’s Fedora and whip, the actual Maltese Falcon, any piece of melted alien nasty from The Thing, the Spinal Tap Amp that goes all the way to 11, one of Nic Cage’s wigs, the Cerebro helmet, that weird table made out of a wagon wheel with a glass top that you see in When Harry Met Sally, Rosebud, any Ray Harryhausen model, Little Geek from the Abyss, John Wayne’s spurs, Roddy Piper’s sunglasses, you get the idea.

It’s not as easy as you think to pick just one thing. However, I can say with great confidence that I would pick the Plymouth Fury from Christine…or maybe the (original) Time Machine…or the Dark Crystal…or the ambulance from Ice Cold in Alex…or Steve McQueen’s baseball glove from the Great Escape…Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!

If money was no object and you could have whatever prop, costume, vehicle, from any movie what would you pick? Go ahead and click on the comments below and let me know.

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They Live Again – News on a remake of John Carpenter’s classic

Posted by LiveFor on December 4, 2008

Could be good news, could be bad but one of my favourite John Carpenter films is heading for a remake. That’s right the 1988 classic, They Live. It also has one of the best fight scenes ever between Roddy Piper and Keith David (I put it up a while ago here). Here’s the news from The Hollywood Reporter.

John Carpenter’s cult 1988 film is getting the remake treatment from Universal and studio-based Strike Entertainment, which are in negotiations to acquire the film rights with rights holder Les Mougins.

Strike’s Marc Abraham and Eric Newman will produce, while Shep Gordon of Les Mougins and Carpenter will serve as executive producers.

The original film, part sci-fi thriller and part social satire, told the story of a down-on-his-luck construction worker (Roddy Piper) who discovers glasses that let him see aliens walking among us and controlling humanity. The man races against the clock to find a way to stop them.

The movie is known for a fight scene that lasts 51⁄22 minutes and for the line, “I have come here to chew bubblegum and kick ass … and I’m all out of bubblegum.”

No writer is on board.

Gordon, an entrepreneur and music impresario who worked with Alice Cooper and Blondie, holds the rights, having financed the film as part of a multipicture deal with Carpenter that also included “Prince of Darkness” and “Village of the Damned.” Universal distributed the film as part of an output deal Gordon constructed.

Strike, whose credits include “Bring It On” and “Children of Men,” had success in the remake arena with 2004’s update of “Dawn of the Dead.” Strike is also working on a remake of Carpenter’s “The Thing.”

Yet another remake of a classic in the works? Does the news make you happy or sad? Who would you like to see play the two lead characters? Should it have the epic fight scene to put on the sunglasses and will it have the brilliant bubblegum line?

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Put the glasses on! – Best Fight Scene Ever!

Posted by LiveFor on August 15, 2008

Ladies and Gentlemen. I give you the fight scene from They Live!

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