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Green Lantern – Angela Bassett to play Amanda Waller

Posted by LiveFor on March 25, 2010

Some interesting news from the Green Lantern film and possible hint that a Suicide Squad film may soon be in the offing. Angela Bassett (Strange Days, What’s Love Got to do With It) is joining the cast of the Martin Campbell directed comic book movie. Heat Vision had the news.

Bassett is playing Dr. Amanda Waller, a government agent who headed up the Suicide Squad, a government-run group of captured supervillains performing tasks in exchange for eventual freedom. She also was high up in the Checkmate organisation (the very first comic book Green Lantern also cropped up in that series). Still no word on whether the Squad will appear in the film, but could lead to some nice little Easter Eggs for comic book fans.

Back in February 2009 was the news that Justin Marks (Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li, Greyskull, Green Arrow: Supermax) was adapting the DC Comics property Suicide Squad as a feature film for Warner Bros. Then the Squad’s creator, John Ostrander, spoke about a Suicide Squad film last March.

Of course in the comics Waller was a rather large lady and was nicknamed The Wall. I doubt they’ll be putting Bassett in a fat suit though.

Pam Grier had been playing Waller in Smallville and had voiced her in the Justice League cartoons so it is a bit of a shame she didn’t get the role in the Green Lantern film.

Green Lantern began filming in New Orleans (check out the first pic of Ryan Reynolds on set) with a cast that includes Blake Lively, Peter Sarsgaard and Tim Robbins.

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Green Lantern – Tim Robbins to play Hector Hammond’s father

Posted by LiveFor on February 9, 2010

Tim Robbins (Bob Roberts, The Shawshank Redemption, The Hudsucker Proxy) is joining the cast of Green Lantern, the Martin Campbell-directed adaption of the DC Comic.

According to Heat Vision, Robbins will play Senator Hammond, the disapproving father of the movie’s villain, Dr. Hector Hammond (Peter Sarsgaard), who becomes infused with psychic powers.

Ryan Reynolds stars as Green Lantern, with Blake Lively as the hero’s love interest, Carol Ferris.

This marks the second time Robbins had been attached to a comic book adaption in recent years (he was of course in George Lucas’ adaption of Howard the Duck – a guilty pleasure of many, an abomination to many more) as rumour abounded that he was to play Tony Stark’s father in Iron Man 2, but this never came to pass.

It is not clear how much screen time Robbins will have, but good to hear that he is onboard as he is a top actor.

It begins shooting in March.

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Iron Man 2 – Hawkeye and Black Widow are in it – Tim Robbins to play Tony Stark’s father

Posted by LiveFor on December 18, 2008

Latino Review has the news that Tony Stark’s father, Howard Stark, will be played by Tim Robbins in Iron Man 2. Jon Favreau wanted a top actor for the role as there is meant to be a big flashback in the sequel that helps set up The Avengers and Captain America films. For the Marvel films this is incredibly important to get right.

There is also the rumour that Hawkeye and Black Widow will both be in the next Iron Man film. This will help tie Iron Man further into the Marvel Universe and help the transition into the superhero world of the Avengers that much easier. Both Hawkeye and Black Widow have now powers but Hawkeye is a master marksman (mainly uses a bow) and Black Widow is female Russian spy. Both are basically superb atheletes and great characters.

It will be interesting to see if they follow The Ultimates version of the characters. I still think that is the way they will go for many of the Marvel films especially after the fact they cast Samuel L Jackson to play Nick Fury. Would be great to see the first volume of The Ultimates brought to the big screen.

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Martin Landau talks about City of Ember

Posted by LiveFor on October 8, 2008

There is a great interview here with Martin Landau where he talks about his work on the forthcoming film, City of Ember. Here is a little of what he has to say:

About the set“It’s amazing. It’s quite an amazing set, extensive and tall and comfortable. I would say it’s quite remarkable. It’s actually the way I envisioned it. I did Cleopatra a few thousand years ago [during] prehistoric times when there were real dinosaurs at the La Brea Tar Pits. We had massive sets, you know, and generally you don’t get to see them.”

What appealed to him about making the film?“I think it’s a kind of movie that’s not made anymore. And that always interests me. It’s a terrific children’s book, and it’s not really a children’s book, it’s an adult book children’s book. It’s a movie that every kid of any age can see. It’s got all kinds of stuff in it that’s intriguing on a lot of levels. It’s a character-driven movie and yet it has action and adventure and all kinds of stuff. That’s a rarity.”

“It’s hard to explain how I work on a role, but I do a lot of that in a certain way. There are actors who create an entire biography and then the character doesn’t have any of that. But I generally do think about, you know, where he comes from, why he’s there, what he does, why he does it, what his parents might be. …A lot of things, yeah, and a sound, too. You know, I’m sort of a stickler for certain things, too. I watch a lot of — well not a lot, but some, — there’s a lot of Chicago cops playing New York cops on television. Drives me crazy. Specifics are important, I think, and they’re not paid a lot of attention to.”
Check out the rest of the interview as the guy is a true legend.

What is your favourite Martin Landau role? Are you excited about City of Ember?


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Sequel to Bull Durham – Is the World ready for it? Is Tim Robbins kicking himself?

Posted by LiveFor on October 6, 2008

A sequel to Kevin Costner‘s award-winning baseball movie Bull Durham is in the pipeline, according U.S. reports.

The hit 1988 movie, starring Costner, Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins, was nominated for a Best Screenplay Oscar at the 1989 ceremony in Los Angeles.

Costner has been in a series of meetings with the film’s director Ron Shelton to discuss the possibility of resurrecting his Crash Davis character in a sequel to the beloved film.

Sarandon is also slated to return to play Annie Savoy, according to New York gossip column PageSix.

The actress was nominated for a Golden Globe and won the Best Actress gong at the Boston Society of Film Critics Awards for the role.

As Tim Robbins recently said he would never do a sequel he has effectively lost out on a part in this one. This is what he said, “I wouldn’t want to do it,” he said of the sequel talk he’s heard over the years for films like “Bull Durham.” “I don’t like sequels, so I don’t want to do sequels.”

I’ve never seen the original Bull Durham, is it any good? Does it need a sequel?


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City of Ember Trailer

Posted by LiveFor on September 5, 2008

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Noise – Poster and Trailer

Posted by LiveFor on June 30, 2008

Thanks to Chisholm for pointing this one out. A Henry Bean film, Tim Robbins stars as a man who loves his home in New York, but he hates all the noise. Taking it upon himself to do something about this he becomes “The Rectifier” and starts sorting out car alarms and the like before taking on the Mayor. Looks like it good be an interesting little black comedy. It also stars Bridget Moynahan and William Hurt as the Mayor.

Check out the trailer and let me know what you think.

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