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Men in Black 3 gets a release date

Posted by LiveFor on May 7, 2010

It is all going ahead. Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones are back with Josh Brolin playing a young Agent Kay. Not sure if this will be flashbacks or whether Tommy Lee Jones gets youngified.

I just hope it is better than the second film.

Columbia Pictures announced today that Men in Black III will be released in 3D on May 25, 2012. Walter F. Parkes and Laurie MacDonald are returning to produce and Barry Sonnenfeld, who directed the first two installments of the blockbuster franchise, will direct the film from a screenplay written by Etan Cohen, based on the comic book by Lowell Cunningham. Steven Spielberg is set to executive produce.

Deals are set for Will Smith, Sonnenfeld and the producing team to return to the blockbuster franchise with the intent to begin production by this fall and the studio is in advanced negotiations with Tommy Lee Jones to reprise his role as Agent Kay. Josh Brolin is also in talks to star as a young Agent Kay.

Commenting on the announcement, Jeff Blake, Chairman of Sony Pictures Worldwide Marketing and Distribution said, “Sony’s summer of 2012 will get off to a red hot start with an incredible new 3D adventure for the Men in Black. We couldn’t be more excited that the original filmmaking team responsible for the first two worldwide hits is reuniting for this third installment. We love where the story is taking Agents Jay and Kay and know this new chapter will deliver a fresh fun twist for fans of the franchise while also introducing the Men in Black to a whole new generation of moviegoers.”

The first two Men in Black films, which were released in 1997 and 2002, went on to become two of the most successful films in Columbia Pictures history, taking in more than $1 billion combined worldwide. The first film in the franchise won an Academy Award(r) for Best Makeup and was nominated for two other Oscars

What do you make of the news?

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Captain America – Is Tommy Lee Jones helping him out?

Posted by LiveFor on April 30, 2010

The main parts have been cast, although still not sure if Hugo Weaving has definitely signed up as the Red Skull. Now UGO have a rumour from a reliable source that Tommy Lee Jones may also be starring in the film.

No word on who he will be playing if he does get involved, but as shooting begins at the end of June and Men in Black 3 is also due to start filming this summer Mr Jones may either be very busy or won’t be in Captain America.

I imagine he will be playing a military character, maybe one of the Howling Commandos? What do you think?

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Men in Black 3 – Will Smith is signed up and Tommy Lee Jones is coming with him?

Posted by LiveFor on April 21, 2010

Director Barry Sonnenfeld has apparently been chatting with Showbiz411 about Men in Black 3D. Will Smith has signed on, Tommy Lee Jones is in, and they are just waiting on a script.

I knew that this kept surfacing, but I am surprised Will Smith has signed on already.

Past rumours have also had Josh Brolin, Sacha Baron Cohen and Jermaine Clement being in talks for roles in the film.

Not sure if I want a Men in Black 3. I enjoyed the first one, but was really disappointed in the second. Minid you I am glad Tommy Lee Jones could be back.

Do you want a third one? What do you want to see in it?

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Tommy Lee Jones built the Great Wall of China

Posted by LiveFor on January 6, 2010

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Josh Brolin in Men in Black 3?

Posted by LiveFor on December 9, 2009

Josh Brolin has been going from strength to strength lately. From The Goonies to W., Milk, No Country for Old Men and the forthcoming Jonah Hex he is definitely, like Hanzel, so hot right now. He was also cool in Planet Terror and is also working on Wall Street 2 and has signed up for the Coen Brothers True Grit remake.

News today from Hero Complex suggests he is being considered for a role in Men in Black 3 where he would be donning the suit and shades with Will Smith likely to return as Agent J.

The question is what role would Brolin be playing? Will Tommy Lee Jones be passing the title of Agent K to him or will Brolin be playing a younger version of Agent K? Maybe the plot will involve time travel shenanigans. Maybe Brolin will be the big bad of the piece.

Sony is currently contemplating a production start for the picture in 2010 (though it has yet to be greenlit). The film, which is based on a script by “Tropic Thunder” writer Ethan Cohen and which tentatively has Barry Sonnenfeld coming back to direct, could shoot at least partly in New York.

It all sounds like it could be very, very cool. I thought the first film was great. Funny, good action and nice chemistry between Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones. However, cast your mind back to Men in Black 2. That wasn’t so hot now was it and I felt it kind of killed the series.

Still, third time’s the charm and if they get a cracking story it could work. It would be nice if Tommy Lee Jones was also in it for that No Country for Old Men team up again. Would be nice to see Brolin and Jones actually share some screen time together.

What are your thoughts on Brolin fighting the scum of the universe? Do you want a Men in Black 3? How can they improve on the second film?

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Tommy Lee Jones and Kevin Costner are Company Men

Posted by LiveFor on March 19, 2009

According to Variety, Kevin Costner and Tommy Lee Jones will both be starring in The Company Men.

The film is an independently financed drama about the effect that corporate downsizing has on everyone involved. The actors will be joining Ben Affleck who was cast last fall.

The screenplay was written by John Wells. He will also direct.

In the film Affleck is a corporate high roller who gets laid off. Costner plays Affleck’s brother-in-law, a man with a different take on life, who gives him a job.

Jones plays an older employee who must come to terms with the shady business practices of the people he works with.

Filming is set to start in April in Boston.

Costner takes the role as he works to set up “The One,” a film he will direct from a script he penned with “Dances With Wolves” writer Michael Blake, based on an idea by Blake. Costner will star as a free-spirited man who inherits $3 billion, leading him on an adventure and an eventual collision with pirates in the Cayman Islands.

Jones is working on a directing project as well, talking to financiers about “Islands in the Stream,” an adaptation of the Ernest Hemingway tale that Jones wrote, will direct, star in and produce through his Javelina Film Co. banner.

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HOMEDiscuss in the Forum

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He’s Just the Cook. Steven Seagal back for Under Siege 3?

Posted by LiveFor on October 2, 2008

Mark this one as a definite rumour. The pudgy one with the dodgy hair and perma-squint has been talking to MTV about how he would like to do another Under Siege movie.

“There are offers and we’re looking at them,” Seagal said. Apparently, he has some ideas about where the film should go as well.

“I personally want it to be something more modern,” said Seagal. “In other words, I wouldn’t mind if it was about something more mystical or…maybe extraterrestrial in nature. Some real government top secrets instead of just the typical.”

What do you reckon? Is the World ready for another Under Siege movie? The first one was pretty good (Gary Busey and Tommy Lee Jones certainly helped as did Erika Eleniak’s grand entrance).

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Men in Black 3 rumour.

Posted by LiveFor on September 30, 2008

The latest issue of Parade has an interview with producer Walter Parkes who apparently comments on the status of another Men in Black movie.

In response to a question about a Men in Black 3, Parkes says “the challenge is getting the script right and finding a time when our busy stars are available.” He then goes on to say “Everyone, including Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones, wants to do another.”

Now I can’t find anything more on this and was surprised on the last part of his comment. I did not think either of the two stars wanted to do another one after the naffness that was Men In Black 2.

If you hear anything more on this let me know. Do you want to see a third Men In Black movie?


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No Country for Old Men, 2008 – Review

Posted by LiveFor on July 15, 2008

Director: The Coen Brothers
Starring: Josh Brolin, Javier Bardem, Tommy Lee Jones, Woody Harrelson, Kelly Macdonald
Running Time: 122 minutes

Here is another great review from Steven.

Let me start by saying that No Country for Old Men is not your typical movie. It is not your typical thriller and it’s not your typical plot setup. Nothing can prepare you for its onslaught of biting reality, in a world where people do get fucked over by the bad guy, in a world where nothing is sacred. It’s a vast, reaching masterpiece by the acclaimed Coen Brothers, (Fargo, The Big Lebowski), and it is by far not only their most mature work, but it will be their masterpiece for all other films to look up to and aspire on all paradigms. Not only on the dramatic level, but No Country breaks ground in cinematography, characterization, sound and storytelling. You have never seen a film quite like it, and you probably never will until you take the plunge into No Country for Old Men.

No Country for Old Men is the twelfth effort from Joel and Ethan Coen, directors of The Big Lebowski, Fargo, and Barton Fink. They’ve adapted the novel by the same name into a film that breaks all boundaries. If you’ve read the book you’ll be happy to hear that it follows almost to the letter, exactly what occurs within. The first thing that No Country does right is that it’s a faithful adaptation, something several films strive for.

The movie is about Llewelyn Moss, Sherriff Ed Tom Bell, and Anton Chigurh, three characters with different agendas, who are all after something different. The film starts with Llewelyn, a Texan Vietnam vet who lives his life like any Texan does. It begins with him finding a stockpile of cash from a heroin deal gone wrong. He takes the cash and runs, with Anton Chigurh a hired hitman from hell, crawls out and seeks to take what is rightfully his. Ed Tom Bell is the catch-up, he attempts to figure everything out before it’s far too late.

The movie isn’t about what happens, it’s about why it happens, it’s about things deeper than the surface. In order to enjoy this movie you need to dig deeper than the surface of things and think about why which characters made the wrong and right decisions. It’s not something you can simply follow casually and hope to understand, it’s a beast that challenges you as much as the on screen characters, and if you do, you will be rewarded for a message deeper than the general populace can comprehend. It’s expertly written and shot, it’s why it won the Best Director and Best Adapted Screenplay at this years Academy Awards.

The camerawork is superb, providing sweeping, gritty brutal shots of the American south-west in the 1980’s. There is very little music in this film, only about 12 minutes total for the 122 Minute run time, but what’s here is sound. Not “Bang” “Kazam!” but sounds like you would hear in the situation. A gunshot is heard shuddering throughout the neighborhoods, boots clod, metal clangs, and wood breaks with a nice crisp. The sound may seem like something that shouldn’t be given such a priority, but it helps build the tension and suspense that’s required for a story such as this.

Josh Brolin does a faithful job with Llewelyn, playing the American everyman who makes the choices that you might make given the circumstances. Tommy Lee Jones is a natural fit for Ed Tom Bell, and he does it with gusto. Sorry, but the real star of the show is Javier Bardem in his now iconic role as one of the most intimidating, ruthless, and now infamously parodied Movie Villains of All Time, Anton Chigurh. Anton is meant to be a figure for Death incarnate, his tone of voice, to the way he walks exhudes darkness. He is a sociopath that only believes in fate, and decides on the flip of a coin. His performance as Anton nailed him the first Acting Oscar given to someone from Spain, and with good reason. He is simply terrifying, everytime he appears you fear for your life, as well as the innocent animals, women, children, men and gods that are present in the room. He has a creed, but one that doesn’t allow him to kill on the level of other gung-ho icons of the past. He has a method; he uses it, and lives it to the finest degree.

Overall, No Country for Old Men is a stunning, visceral masterpiece, and if you don’t enjoy it than you may not be mature enough to embrace the world for what it is, because this should be the way films are made.

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