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Gone With The Wind with Vampires

Posted by LiveFor on February 6, 2010

In the same vein as the books “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies” and “Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters”, comes “Gone with the Wind with Vampires”, an alternate reality version of the beloved Southern epic. The film tells the story of Scarlett O’ Hara, one of the last surviving human beings, who is caught in the midst of a great vampire civil war. Marvel as she outwits the forces of the undead, while she flirts with her true bloo… er… love. Complete with heartaches and staked hearts, “Gone with the Wind with Vampires” will ‘blow’ you away.

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The Last Voyage of Demeter – An update on the film about the ship from Dracula

Posted by LiveFor on February 3, 2010

Way back in May last year I mentioned that Marcus Nispel could possibly be directing a film called The Last Voyage of Demeter. This is the tale about what happened on the ship that Dracula sailed on to get to England in Bram Stoker’s classic novel. This is such a great idea for a film. I love it when they take secondary characters or situations and spill them out into a new movie. Rosencrantz and Guildernstern Are Dead is a great example for this kind of thing.

IMDB is still saying Nispel is attached, but he will be busy directing the new Conan the Barbarian movie starring Jason Momoa so not sure if he will be changed.

However, the Demeter is still ready to sail and producers Mike Medavoy and Brad Fischer provided an update to FEARNet

Fischer: When I picked up the script, it just struck me as such a great idea. Because I’d always been a fan of the Stoker novel, and the Dracula mythology and lore. And that chapter, which – if you go back and look at the Stoker novel – is basically told through the captain’s diary, from when he was on the boat. The boat was chartered to go from Varna to London, and there were these boxes of earth that were being put on it, and one of these boxes of earth was Nosferatu himself; and he was feeding off of the crew members as the boat made its journey. The captain’s log – the way that it’s structured in the book – it actually starts off with someone who was a journalist, who is among this group of people when the boat crashes into the rocks at Whitby. And he finds this water-soaked log book. Just by reading these entries, which grow – starting off with descriptions of an “unsettled feeling among the crew that there’s a presence on the boat, someone who can’t be accounted for” – into varying increasing degrees of paranoia. Crew members go missing; no one had actually dramatized what happened on the ship. And Bragi Schut, who wrote Season of the Witch – this was actually his first script that he wrote, before Season of the Witch – he came up with this idea to tell the story of what unfolded. It’s told from the point of view of a guy who’s just desperate to get to London. And he just gets on the wrong boat basically.”

Medavoy: I’m really excited about it. The question is getting some converts out there together with me. I just find the idea of telling a classic story from the point of view of something that happened out of the logs, and all of it taking it place on a shop, visually really interesting. And character-wise it’s really interesting – the characters are on the boat, and the fact that you think all of them had died; and we don’t tell whether somebody did survive or not… That intrigues me.

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Dracula: Year One – Sam Worthington could be Vlad?

Posted by LiveFor on January 26, 2010

Not content to star in one of the highest grossing films of all time – Avatar, not Terminator Salvation and starring in the epic remake of Clash of the Titans and could possibly be Captain America, Sam Worthington could also possible be a young Count Dracula. Latino Review had the rumour and if it is true Worthington could be in a huge supernatural epic type film.

Collider recently spoker with Producer Mike De Luca about the film:

“These writers came up with the ingenious-what I think is ingenious-approach combining historical Dracula with Bram Stoker’s Dracula. So it chronicles the efforts of a young prince, Vlad of Transylvania trying to keep the Ottoman empire and the Turk’s of the time from using his small country as a stepping stone to invade Europe. So there’s a historical basis for all of that history that’s in the script, but when his back is up against the wall and he can’t figure out how to keep the Turkish army out of his country and keep their hands off his country’s children, which they want to kidnap and press into their army as something they used to call the Jannisserie core, I guess the Roman’s did a version of it also, but this taking of male children from host countries and pressing them into military service for the invading army is another thing he’s trying to prevent. Because his own son is being threatened with that kidnapping. And in the script that we have, he was actually a victim of it himself. He earned the reputation of being the impaler while he was serving the Turks.

One Turk in particular, which is the antagonist in the movie, so in a moment of desperation he looks at this mountain top in Transylvania that all the gypsies in his country say is haunted and full of bad black magic. And he’s never believed in any of that supernatural kind of what he thinks is hogwash. But in a moment of desperation he ascends that mountain to see if there’s any truth to any kind of power that he could use to keep the invading army out. And he finds something that gets him to where we have come to know him as Dracula and uses that power source to kind of fight the Turks after he’s changed.

Finding the right…the comfort level in terms of cast, budget, you know how we’re going to the effects. As written it’s literally on the scale of Braveheart with Dracula, so it’s a lot of…it’s armies. It’s an invading Turkish army. It’s a lot of supernatural action. It’s wonderful. Like it’s an epic love story. It’s got everything you want in a movie like this but it’s tricky and it’s big so we’re trying to figure out how to do it in the most efficient way.”

Sounds like it could be a great film doesn’t it. Alex Proyas (Knowing, Dark City, The Crow) is currently attached to direct, but I am not sure if he is the right choice for a film like this. I’m still looking forward to his adaption of The Unpleasant Profession of Jonathan Hoag.

As for Sam Worthington as Dracula….I just don’t see it. He was great in Avatar and was probably the best thing in Terminator Salvation, but it just seems a bit wrong. Of course nothing is confirmed about the role so we’ll have to wait and see as usual.

What do you think about Dracula: Year Zero? Is Worthington the right choice for the part? If not him then who should become Vlad?

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Anti-Twilight T-Shirts

Posted by LiveFor on January 23, 2010

Some great T-Shirt designs by Fernando Lucas for people who like their Vampires old school.

Source: Super Punch

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Umbrage – Undead Cowboys, Vampires and Doug Bradley

Posted by LiveFor on January 22, 2010

What do you look for in a film? Vampires – Undead Cowboys – The bloke who played Pinhead in the Hellraiser films – naked women with a snake wrapped around them – shadows that bite?

If you answered yes to all of them then it looks as if Drew Cullingham’s film is for you.

It stars Doug Bradley (Hellraiser, Nightbreed), Rita Ramnani, Jonnie Hurn (The Zombie Diaries,), Natalie Celino, Grace Vallorani, James Fisher and Scott Thomas.

In the Old West, the assassination of an ageing cowboy is thwarted by a sultry vampiress, the would-be killer left for dead in the dust…

A hundred years later an ancient obsidian mirror, long unearthed from the Mesopotamian desert, is liberated from an American collector’s vault and illegally transported to Europe.

Jacob, an unscrupulous antiques dealer, moves to a remote farmhouse with his pregnant young wife, Lauren, and his difficult ward, Rachel.

His goals are clear: to pass this near-priceless mirror to the highest bidder, and to prevent these two women from ripping each other apart.

Nearby, a beautiful ornithologist, in nocturnal pursuit of the Screech Owl, is disturbed in her hide by a couple of noisy hikers. Her efforts ruined, she joins them by their campfire, but when one of them is mysteriously mutilated in the woods, she and the other are forced to flee and seek refuge at Jacob’s farm.

Something has been unleashed into the dark of that night…. Shadows take on a life of their own, and the blood begins to flow.

Maybe it’s all down to the ominous cowboy hiding in the barn who doesn’t seem to cast any reflection in the dark mirror.Maybe it’s because the shiny black artefact is the enchanted talisman and portal of Lilith, the wilful first wife of Adam, exiled from Eden to spawn her demonic offspring.

The family find themselves in the middle of a century old grudge between a vengeful undead cowboy and the re-awakened Lilith, mother to the Succubi, ruler of shadows, slaughterer of children, and consort to the devil himself.

Sometimes the only weapon against evil is evil itself..

Check out the official site.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Source: BD

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Lost Boys 3: The Thirst – Corey Feldman updates us on the film

Posted by LiveFor on January 22, 2010

Talking on his personal blog The Feldman Journal, Corey Feldman talked about his experience with this latest incarnation of Edgar Frog.

Wait until you see LB3! Then you will know the depths that my art has mirrored my personal strife and how they resurface as one. In Lost Boys 3: The Thirst, Edgar Frog emerges as a lone soldier fighting all of the evils of the world with a massive chip on his shoulder and all of the odds against him. I embraced this character with body and soul and brought a human side to the Frog character that no one would ever see coming. I am proud of the work I have done and I believe you will be too. I will tell you more about Lost Boys 3: The Thirst in the next entry of this blog. For now I just wanted to reintroduce myself to you, to say thank you as always for your much-needed support, and to assure you that your faith in the underdog was once again not misguided. In the end you can bank on me to always end up back on my feet no matter what! Even if they cut them off!”

At the moment the film does not have a set release date.

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Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

Posted by LiveFor on January 21, 2010

Abe Lincoln – he’s been a President, starred in Bill and Ted’s history project and many other things. Now, in this new novel by Seth Grahame-Smith (Pride & Prejudice & Zombies) chronicles his time as a Vampire Hunter. Looks like it could be a fun read.

The facts included are: for over 250 years, between 1607 and 1865, vampires thrived in the shadows of America. Few humans believed in them; Abraham Lincoln was the most gifted vampire hunter of his day, and kept a secret journal about his war against them; and rumors of the journal’s existence have long been a favorite topic among historians and Lincoln biographers. Most dismiss it as myth. Through the extraordinary discovery of Abraham Lincoln’s previously unknown and long lost journals, Seth Grahame-Smith brings to life the Great Emancipator’s untold history- his lifelong pursuit of the immortal undead. With unparalleled daring, Seth re-writes Abraham Lincoln’s biography to include this significant and gory piece of US history. “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter” features all the detail, colour, and readability of Team of Rivals – Barack Obama’s favourite book and the number one bestselling Lincoln biography – with only some of the historical accuracy (and thrilling new scenes of vampire combat). From Lincoln’s frontier childhood to his assassination, this richly re-imagined history gives new meaning to the moments of an already incredible life.

Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter at
Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter at

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Daybreakers – Cool Poster

Posted by LiveFor on January 17, 2010

I do like this poster although it is reminding me of something else. Any ideas?

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The Vampires of Bloody Island – Trailer for British Hammer style horror

Posted by LiveFor on January 10, 2010

In a crumbling castle clinging to a rocky, isolated Cornish island, Morticia de’Ath, a vampire noblewoman and her henchman, Grunt, are concocting a sinister plan. Aided by misguided alchemist, Doctor N. Sane, they aim to discover the magical cure for vampires to become immune to the deadly rays of sunlight!

However, one essential ingredient remains missing, an ingredient only available from an innocent and unknowing girl living in far away London, Susan Swallows.

If you like your horror coupled with laughs, if you miss the old British low-budget vampire films of the Hammer days, if you want to see the film that is already being hailed as a “cult classic”, then you will very much enjoy “The Vampires of Bloody Island”.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Check out the official site.

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Lost Boys 3: The Thirst – First look at Cory Feldman in costume

Posted by LiveFor on January 8, 2010

STYD got hold of some pictures of Corey Feldman with co-stars Tanit Phoenix and Jamison Newlander in a series of behind-the-scenes photos from Lost Boys 3: The Thirst.

Phoenix plays a horror novelist who recruits Edgar Frog (Feldman) to rescue her son from the hands of a vampire who calls himself DJ Dusk.

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