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UPDATED: The Avengers – Joss Whedon is hours away from directing it

Posted by LiveFor on April 13, 2010

Great news for fans of Joss Whedon (oh Firefly!) but a rumour from a few weeks ago that said he was in the running to direct The Avengers for Marvel Studios could well be true.

Deadline (who are usually spot on with these things) have the news that Joss Whedon is in final negotiations to direct The Avengers.

That means he would be in control of Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.), Captain America (Chris Evans), Thor (Chris Hemsworth), as well as SHIELD leader Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) and whoever else they decide to include – possibly the Hulk, the Wasp, Hawkeye.

After Iron Man 2, Marvel has three pictures left on a distribution deal with Paramount before it moves to Disney, and the studio has been churning them out. Iron Man 2 gets released in May, Captain America will begin shooting this summer in Europe, Thor is in production, and Marvel Studios just set Pete Sollett to direct Runaways, based on the comic book series created by Lost writer Brian K. Vaughan. Whedon also wrote for that last one along with Astonishing X-Men so he knows how these things work.

True, Serenity is his only feature film, but all of his shows involve an ensemble cast of people with various abilities so his transition to directing the team of Avengers should work quite well.

I really think he is an excellent choice for the film although it is still not set in stone. Do you agree that Whedon is the one to direct the Avengers or is it a terrible choice? Who else should they have on the team?

The Avengers is due out in May 2012.

UPDATE: Variety have picked up on the news that Whedon is in final negotiations to direct and if it does go ahead he will also rework the screenplay by screenwriter Zak Penn.

It will be nice if this all happens. Now another question – if he could bring in some of his crew what characters would you like to see the following play?

Nathan Fillion – Neil Patrick Harris – Charisma Carpenter – Felicia Day – Summer Glau

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Holy Kang! The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes animated series gets the go ahead

Posted by LiveFor on March 5, 2010

Looks like this could be a winner. Show will premiere on Disney XD’s Fall / Autumn 2010 line-up

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The Random Rumour Round-Up – Two-Face, Linda Hamilton returns to Terminator, Eva Longoria not the Wasp?

Posted by LiveFor on January 13, 2009

WARNING: As per the heading these are all rumours running around the internet.

Two-Face could be in the next Batman Film

When MTV News caught up with “The Dark Knight” star on the Golden Globes red carpet, he was notably less fatalistic about the possibility of reprising his role as Harvey Dent/Two-Face in a sequel to the record-breaking film.

“I think Harvey — if he’s not dead — is in a serious coma,” stated Eckhart, “and I’m not sure he’s coming out. They might pull the plug on him.” Seemingly firm words, right? Except even the notion that his alter-ego is still alive is a clear departure from previous statements where the actor was perfectly fine confirming Harvey’s death at the business end of a freefalling drop.

We know from our recent interview with producer Charles Roven that screenwriters Christopher Nolan and David Goyer have begun brainstorming ideas for a third “Batman” film…could something out of that have led to Eckhart’s about-face on Two-Face? His wink-wink-nod-nod answer seems to suggest that something else may be at play. Source – MTV

Linda Hamilton could be returning to the Terminator universe?

This rumor comes from ComingSoon, who also attended the special presentation held yesterday in New York City for Terminator Salvation.

In their chat with McG afterward, the director said that one option they came up with for the opening of the movie would be to have Sarah Connor do a voiceover. From there, ComingSoon spins it into a rumor with no real facts.

We know Linda Hamilton played Sarah Connor in the first two Terminator movies, but that doesn’t mean they actually need her to do the voiceover, although I admit it would be cool to hear. Maybe they can convince her to record just a quick voiceover? Source – First Showing

Eva Longoria says she won’t be in the Avengers?

E! Online’s Ryan Seacrest earned some geek cred when he cornered actress Eva Longoria on the Golden Globe’s red carpet to ask about the rumor that she’s in the running for a role in Marvel’s much-anticipated superhero team-up film, “The Avengers.”

While photos of Longoria leaving Marvel Studios HQ with a stack of “Avengers” stories last year sparked speculation that she was researching a role in the film — with most guesses casting her as original Avengers team member Wasp — Longoria told Seacrest that the rumor was “not true.”

However, Longoria said she’d love to play a role in “The Avengers” if the opportunity presented itself. Source – MTV

What do you make of those rumours? Which ones do you want to be true? Which would work the best?

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Cool Avengers poster by Tom Whalen

Posted by LiveFor on October 22, 2008

avengers poster by *strongstuff on deviantART

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Eva Longoria as the Wasp in the Avengers movie?

Posted by LiveFor on September 14, 2008

We can only imagine at this point that Marvel Studios is working through the planning stages for their Avengers movie that is set to be released in 2011. With the slim timetable that they have set and the progression of films, from Iron Man 2 and Thor targeted for 2010 and Captain America in 2011, and the promise of continuity within the casts of all 4 films, they’ve got their work cut out for them. But, as any fan of the Marvel Universe would tell you, if they can pull it off, they could be looking at four of the most successful comic book adaptations ever.
So needless to say, with all of this planning might come some conversations with actors, directors and screenwriters in the near future — if they are going to make this all happen, they are going to have to get moving in the near future. So it is no surprise that they are taking meetings. What is a potential surprise is that Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria was seen at the Marvel Studios offices yesterday, leaving with a stack of Avengers comics in her hand. As you can see from the photos, Longoria wasn’t shy about what she was holding, perhaps trying to be so brazen in order to stir up buzz. If that was her intention, it appears that she’s winning. Many speculations have arisen as to what character in the Marvel universe would fit Longoria’s limited acting ability, with most people pointing to Janet van Dyne, a.k.a The Wasp. Janet was the eventual wife of Dr. Hank Pym, also known as Ant Man. Pym subjected her to a procedure which granted her the ability to, upon shrinking, grow wings and fire blasts of energy, which she called her “wasp’s stings”. The two would later join up with The Avengers, which was comprised of Thor, Iron Man, Ant-Man and The Hulk.
While this is, of course, all speculation, it is certainly worth mentioning — because you just never know what is going on inside the halls of Marvel Studios. Of course, when we get some official word or anything more solid, we’ll let you know.

For now, what would you think of Longoria as The Wasp, or any other character in the Marvel Universe?
Source: Film School Rejects


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