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Smallville – Wonder Woman is in it, but not how you think

Posted by LiveFor on January 14, 2010

Smallville – while many feel it has gone on for much too long (myself included) it is still digging through the wonderous catalogue of characters from DC Comics. Versions of Green Arrow, Cyborg, Aquaman, The Flash, Martian Manhunter and more have already appeared and Dr Fate, Stargirl and Hawkman are due an appearance (check out those photos).

Noticeable in their absence have been the final two of DC’s big trinity – Batman and Wonder Woman. Bats won’t be turning up anytime soon, but now Wonder Woman is due to show up, but not in the way you imagine.

As the photo shows Lois Lane (Erica Durance) appears in a forthcoming episode called Warrior.

This introduces a charmed comic book, which transforms a young man named Stephen (guest star Carlo Marks) into a superhero. We won’t give much away, but somehow this causes Lois to dress up as the iconic Wonder Woman.

Well, she could’ve done this so that Clark (Tom Welling) would stay away from the seductive Zatanna (guest star Serinda Swan), who has returned to inform him of the magical comic book. To put it mildly, Lois isn’t fond of sharing her man.

I guess this means the real Wonder Woman doesn’t exist in the Smallville universe, at least not yet. It all seems a bit unfair that Lois is allowed to dress up as Wonder Woman yet Clark still can’t wear the Red and Blue.

Are you still watching Smallville? Should I catch up on recent episodes? What do you think about Erica Durance as Wonder Woman? Could she play her on the big screen?

Source: BuddyTV

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Holy Blackest Night! Lex Luthor with a Power Ring

Posted by LiveFor on January 8, 2010

The cover of DC’s Blackest Night #7 shows that a number of DC characters are going to get their hands on a power ring. It shows:

Atom – Indigo for Compassion
The Flash – Blue for Hope
Mera – Red for Rage
Lex Luthor – Orange for Greed
Scarecrow – Yellow for Fear
Wonder Woman – Violet for Love

Apparently, John Stewart warns Hal Jordan that every Black Lantern in the universe is heading for Earth. Jordan says they need the entire seven Corps to arrive and unite in order to produce the white light. While they summon the seven Corps to Earth, Ganthet duplicates the rings of each respective power of the emotional spectrum to double their efforts to halt the Black Lantern Corps until they arrive. While Ganthet himself becomes a Green Lantern, Barry Allen is chosen as a deputy Blue Lantern, Mera as a Red Lantern, Lex Luthor (who had been battling the hundreds of people he had killed over the years) as an Orange Lantern, Scarecrow as a Sinestro Corps officer, Atom as an Indigo Tribe member, and Wonder Woman as a Star Sapphire after she is broken free from the black ring’s influences with Greek goddess Aphrodite’s aid.

If none of this is making any sense then head over here to get up to speed.

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Justice League: Crisis On Two Earths – New images from the animated feature

Posted by LiveFor on December 30, 2009

We finally get a proper look at the Justice League’s evil, alternate-Earth counterpart, The Crime Syndicate, in these pictures from Warner Bros forthcoming animated film. The picture below shows Johnny Quick, Ultraman, Superwoman and Owlman. As you’ve probably guessed they are the evil Earth 2 version of The Flash, Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman.

That means The Jester (above) is an heroic version of the Joker and the pumped up Jimmy Olsen (bottom) is a bad guy.

Source: MTV Splashpage

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Super Emo Friends

Posted by LiveFor on November 24, 2009

Which one is your favourite?

These excellent supercute superheroes are by JSalvador and you can buy them for $20 each over on Etsy.

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Wonder Woman – A painting I did

Posted by LiveFor on November 5, 2009

Finally got a photo of a painting of Wonder Woman I was commissioned to do by Emma. Thanks to Dave for sending me the photo.

Let me know what you think of it.

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Justice League: Crisis On Two Earths Preview

Posted by LiveFor on October 3, 2009

dccrisisI posted some pics and news on this new animated film a while back and now we have some footage.

Written by Justice League alumni Dwayne McDuffie and Bruce Timm serving as executive producer, the feature borrows themes from DC’s “Crisis On Infinite Earths” and Grant Morrison’s “JLA: Earth 2″ storylines with a heroic version of Lex Luthor traveling from a parallel Earth to enlist the aid of the Justice League in thwarting their evil counterparts, The Crime Syndicate. Owlman stands out as the most notable foe, apparently putting “the balance of all existence in peril” according to Warner Bros.

The Cast is as follows:
Mark Harmon – Clark Kent/Kal-El/Superman
James Woods – Owlman
Chris Noth – Lex Luthor
William Baldwin – Bruce Wayne/Batman
Gina Torres – Super Woman
Bruce Davison – The President

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Charisma Carpenter in Legend of the Seeker in tight leather!

Posted by LiveFor on September 25, 2009


E!Online debuted this first official photo of Charisma Carpenter as the Mord’Sith Triana, a woman who is a specialist at inflicting pain.

You will know her as Cordelia Chase from Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel. She’ll be guest-starring in the premiere episode of the second season.

I still think she would make a brilliant Wonder Woman.

Season 2 of Legend of the Seeker is back on Saturday 7th November 2009

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The Random – Wonder Woman, Resident Evil 4, True Lies 2, Mad Max

Posted by LiveFor on August 3, 2009

Jennifer Love Hewitt would love to pay Wonder Woman. “I want to play Wonder Woman, I want them to make the movie of Wonder Woman and I want to play Wonder Woman so bad, I think it’d be really fun,” said Hewitt over at MTV.

Milla Jovovich talks about the new Resident Evil 4: Afterlife film with /Film and how there will be multiple clones of Alice running around. “Let’s just say this. The clones are definitely in it. You’ve got multiple Alice’s kicking serious butt. And definitely the real Alice has some pretty major things happen to her that change the stakes a little bit. That’s probably all I can give you in a vague sort of way. It’s definitely going to be a different Alice than who we’re used to…There’s the clones and it’s going to be a lot of work. I’m gonna be working every day for the next four months on this and it’s gonna be bigger than ever. It’s super-exciting.”

Tom Arnold had an interview with theNY Times. In the very last paragraph of the 3-page article he said, “All I know is Jim Cameron’s making it and Arnold [Schwarzenegger] and I are going to be in it, and it starts shooting in 14 months, the day after Arnold stops being governor of California… It’s not going to be called True Lies II, but it might as well be. I can live with that.”

Wayne Coyne of the Flamins Lips was asked if Warner Bros could use one of the band’s songs in the next trailer for Where the Wild Things Are. Jonze is considering using either “Do You Realise” or “The yeah yeah yeah song”. Pedestrian overheard a conversation between Coyne and his manager where he decided that “Do You Realise” had more of a WTWTA vibe, but then went onto to say they can use either, as he’d prefer to let them choose. I hope they use Do You Realise as that was the song my Wife and I danced to on our wedding day.

Jeremy Renner (The Hurt Locker) would really like to be Mad Max in the new film. “I’m also fighting to do the new Mad Max film with George Miller. That might be next summer. I’m screen-testing and meeting George Miller.” he told Modbee

According to Variety Phoenix Pictures bought Troy Nixey’s family fantasy screenplay Simple Machines for him to direct. He is currently two weeks into the 45 day shoot of the thriller Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark. Simple Machines follows a closed off young inventor who has to save his beloved creation from a nefarious industrialist before he uses it to harm the world.

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Megan Fox talks Fathom and Wonder Woman

Posted by LiveFor on July 30, 2009

“They just wrote the first draft of the script, and everybody’s really happy with it,” Fox told MTV News when asked about the adaption of Michael Turner’s Fathom. “I haven’t read it yet, but the studio’s really happy with it and there’s growing excitement around the project.”

While Fox already made a case for her geek cred during Comic-Con, she admitted that there isn’t any other comic book roles she’s really looking to take on right now — and that includes Wonder Woman, a character she famously shot down a while back.

“I feel like that’s a hard adaptation to make into a live-action film,” said Fox. “She flies around in an invisible jet and she has a lasso of truth… It’s going to be a hard movie to make live action.”


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Batgirl, Catwoman, Wonder Woman…I’m sorry what was I talking about?

Posted by LiveFor on July 10, 2009

Apparantly this is an advert for a Mexican department store. However, it features three lovely ladies dressed up as Batgirl, Catwoman and Wonder Woman and in the grand scheme of things is that not the most important thing to remember.

Source: Topless Robot

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