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Mos Def and Bill Moseley join Night of the Living Dead: Origins

Posted by LiveFor on November 20, 2009

A while back Danielle Harris revealed that she was providing the voice of Barbara in Zebediah de Soto’s CG-animated prequel Night of the Living Dead: Origins, which will fill in the backgrounds of some of the characters from Romero’s zombie classic and also have scenes of zombie carnage.

STYD spoke to Danielle on the set of her new movie, Jim Mickle and Nick Amici’s Stake Land. She told them that she had finished her voice work for Origins and also revealed that Mos Def (16 Blocks, Be Kind Rewind) and Bill Moseley (The Devil’s Rejects) are joining her in the voice cast. While unconfirmed, early word has it that Mos Def will be voicing Ben, while Moseley will be reprising his role as Johnny which he played in Tom Savini’s 1990 Night Of The Living Dead remake. Day Of The Dead’s Joe Pilato is voicing Harry Cooper with Alona Tal playing Helen Cooper.

We won’t be seeing the finished movie for at least two years.

The plan is for Origins to expand on the original film rather then just be a straight forward prequel. A chance to see moments in the undead uprising that were only alluded to, while tapping into the back stories of the main character who have been familiar to us for over 30 decades.

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Night of the Living Dead: Origins 3D will have epic scenes of zombie carnage

Posted by LiveFor on October 3, 2009

zombie apocalypse demotivatorZebediah de Soto has been talking to STYD about his work on the 3-D CGI Night of the Living Dead film subtitled “Origins,” co written by David Schwartz and produced by Simon West Productions. It sounds as if he wants things to be on a much larger scale than those seen in George Romero’s zombie films.

“I want to see a helicopter clipping its propeller on a building and careening into a crowd of people. Zombies going through the streets. A thousand people tearing each other apart, zombies tearing them apart, total chaos,”

“One of the first horror films I owned was Night of the Living Dead, it made a huge impression on me,” he explains of the impetus driving the project. “There are all of these interesting little back stories in terms of the other characters, but we only got to follow Barbara in the original. They were always describing these really big scenes, like Ben says a truck is chased down by a horde of zombies. I always wished I could have seen that.”

“It’s not a prequel,”
he maintains. “I loved Romero’s movie and there are so many people out there raping it to death, I didn’t want to be next in line to the gang bang. But I really wanted to do something that was a little creative but an homage to what he was doing. I want to see a zombie movie on the scale of [the Max Brooks novel] World War Z and the only thing I changed in terms of the terrain is that we go into New York City. This is a post-9/11 world we live in and how would people react to this if it really happened? How would they respond? For me, one of the things missing from zombie films is effects done on a level no one has ever seen before like Spider-Man or The Hulk. Those effects applied to a zombie film.”

I love the fact he name checks World War Z as that film appears to be in development hell for the moment. He is right of course. We have yet to see large scale zombie effects. The closest we have got to that are the scenes in the video game Dead Rising with hundreds of zombies on screen at the same time.

All environments and characters will be created in CG via De Soto and Gus Malliarodakis’ New Golden Digital. De Soto goes on to talk about the look of the film “it lends itself more to the movie 9 in that I want this to look like a living painting. The only thing that ever came close to that idea is Zack Snyder’s 300 but this is a bit more stylized than that. I originally came from comic books and I was a graphic artist for nine or ten years. I always wanted to see something like this.”

Danielle Harris has already been cast to star as Barbara. For the role of Ben, De Soto is trying to get Mos Def (Be Kind Rewind). “I loved his performance in Monster’s Ball he’s great in that. His people responded, expressed interest and we sent some numbers to them. We’ll see.”

Night of the Living Dead: Origins is currently in production with a 2010 release date in mind.

De Soto has said he wants to unveil a teaser trailer this Halloween. “I know so many people get pissed off about this movie being redone again, but it’s not the same regurgitated bullshit. We’re taking this seriously.”

It looks as if De Soto has the right mindset for the film. Fingers crossed it will be as good as we all want it to be.

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Night of the Living Dead: Origins – 3D CGI remake of Romero’s classic

Posted by LiveFor on September 16, 2009

originsZombie movie “Night of the Living Dead” is coming back, this time in a 3D CGI format and without the involvement of George Romero.

According to THR the re-imagining is being directed by newcomer Zebediah de Soto and produced by Simon West and Simon West Productions president Jib Polhemus.

On the story front, De Soto, who wrote the script with David R. Schwartz, wants to update the tale partially by bringing out the characters’ backstories and make what he called “an American-style anime.”

Now that sounds cool. American-style anime so I imagine lots of great zombie death scenes and carnage in an hyper real kind of way.

This anime style will be done by using new technology the filmmaker is inventing. De Soto, along with partner Gus Malliarodaki founded New Golden Digital, a digital effects company which develops cutting-edge hardware and software.

The duo created and designed a real-time effects system, known as ‘The Beast’, which allows filmmakers the ability to direct CG performances the same way they would direct real live actors. The aim of the process is to make tennis balls on a stick representing real people or monsters a thing of the past by allowing actors interact with CG elements as if they are tangible.

De Soto, who has no agent or manager, directed a short titled “War Dogs” – sort of Vietnam War set in space – that made the rounds in Hollywood late last year. West (the director of movies such as “Con Air,” “Lara Croft: Tomb Raider,” and the upcoming TV show “Human Target”) and Polhemus were impressed at how the short manage to look like the production had a higher budget than it actually did, and began looking for a project to partner on.

De Soto was a fan of the original “Living Dead” and once the trio realized the rights were in the public domain, zeroed in on that project.

Personally I am very excited by this. A remake of a classic but using a whole new technology (called The Beast so you know it rocks) plus zombies. Fingers crossed it stays on course.

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