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George A Romero’s Survival of the Dead – Another Red Band Trailer

Posted by LiveFor on March 30, 2010

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Devil’s Crossing – Trailer for far future zombie western

Posted by LiveFor on March 30, 2010

Nuclear war has ravaged the world. The remnants of humanity fight to survive, taking refuge in bleak settlements. The undead wander the earth, slaves to their bloodlust, or perhaps some higher power? The tattered town of Celestial sets the stage for the greatest battle of the New Dark Age! A score that must be settled and a reckoning that has been 235 years in the making…

Shadrach a man who watched his life burnt to the ground! Left for dead, having sold his soul to the devil with his last dying breath. A slave to the devil… Born again as a “Soul Collector”. Now centuries later Shadrach fights to be freed from the chains of the demons that torment him. To regain his soul and save the lives of an entire town he must fight the living dead as hell literally rises from beneath!

Source: Quiet Earth

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The Walking Dead – Casting Begins

Posted by LiveFor on March 26, 2010

Well it is about time. We now have some casting news for Frank Darabont’s small screen adaptation of the amazing Robert Kirkman zombie comic, The Walking Dead

The first to be cast isn’t main character Rick Grimes. Instead it is Rick’s cop partner and best friend Shane. He looks after Rick’s wife and son while Rick catches up with thm.

So who will be playing Shane? “The Ghost Writer” co-star Jon Bernthal that’s who according the THR. He was also Al Capone in Night at the Museum 2 and is Sgt. Manuel Rodriguez in The Pacific.

The Walking Dead is based on Robert Kirkman’s popular comic book. It chronicles the months and years following a zombie apocalypse. Frank Darabont is the project’s writer, director, and exec producer with Anne Hurd and David Alpert also exec producing.

I imagine we’ll be hearing more casting news over the next few days.

Can’t wait. Like Fearless Leader Phil I’ve been a fan of the comic for a while so I can’t wait to see who else will star in this show.

If you haven’t read any of them yet you can pick up the first volume of the collected comic book below. Well worth it.

The Walking Dead Book 1: Bk. 1 –
The Walking Dead, Book 1 (Bk. 1) –

Call me Ish

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Will You Survive the Zombie Apocalypse? This Flowchart says probably not

Posted by LiveFor on March 23, 2010

By the looks of it we will all die!

Click on the chart for a bigger version.

Source: Game Informer

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Survival of the Dead – Survival Guide for Romero’s new zombie film

Posted by LiveFor on March 16, 2010

Do you have trouble telling if someone is a zombie or not? If you do then you may find this helpful.

Source: STYD

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George A. Romero’s Survival of the Dead – Red Band Trailer

Posted by LiveFor on March 4, 2010

On a small island off North America’s coast, the dead rise to menace the living. Yet…the islanders can’t bring themselves to exterminate their loved ones, despite the growing danger from those the once held dear. A rebel among them hunts down all the zombies he can find, only to be banished from the island for assassinating his neighbors and friends. On the mainland, bent on revenge, he encounters a small band of survivors in search of an oasis on which to build a new life. Barely surviving an attack from a mass of ravenous flesh-eaters. They commandeer a zombie-infested ferry and sail to the island. There, to their horror, they discover that the locals have chained the dead inside their homes, pretending to live ‘normal’ lives…with bloody consequences. What ensues is a desperate struggle for survival and the answer to a question never posed in Romero’s Dead films: Can the living ever live in peace with the dead?

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Abe Lincoln: Vampire Hunter to be adapted by Tim Burton and Timur Bekmambetov

Posted by LiveFor on March 2, 2010

Tim Burton and Timur Bekmambetov (Wanted, Night Watch) are joing forces to bring the Seth Grahame-Smith novel Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter to the big screen.

I posted the trailer for the book yesterday and, according to Heat Vision, this caught the interest of Timur and Tim.

The book was released today by Grand Central Publishing.

Burton and Bekmambetov will produce the adaptation with Jim Lemley.

Grahame-Smith, who combined zombies and Jane Austen in the best-selling novel “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies,” will write the screenplay. The Zombies book is set up at Lionsgate with Natalie Portman producing and attached to direct.

If it does get as far as a film who should star in it and would you want Timur or Tim to direct or someone else?

The facts included are: for over 250 years, between 1607 and 1865, vampires thrived in the shadows of America. Few humans believed in them; Abraham Lincoln was the most gifted vampire hunter of his day, and kept a secret journal about his war against them; and rumors of the journal’s existence have long been a favorite topic among historians and Lincoln biographers. Most dismiss it as myth. Through the extraordinary discovery of Abraham Lincoln’s previously unknown and long lost journals, Seth Grahame-Smith brings to life the Great Emancipator’s untold history- his lifelong pursuit of the immortal undead. With unparalleled daring, Seth re-writes Abraham Lincoln’s biography to include this significant and gory piece of US history. “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter” features all the detail, colour, and readability of Team of Rivals – Barack Obama’s favourite book and the number one bestselling Lincoln biography – with only some of the historical accuracy (and thrilling new scenes of vampire combat). From Lincoln’s frontier childhood to his assassination, this richly re-imagined history gives new meaning to the moments of an already incredible life.

Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter at
Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter at

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Survival of the Dead – Poster for Romero’s new one

Posted by LiveFor on February 28, 2010

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Devil’s Playground – Photo from Danny Dyer’s athletic zombie film

Posted by LiveFor on February 23, 2010

Directed by Andrew Gunn and starring Vinnie (MIDNIGHT MEAT TRAIN) Jones, Danny (SEVERANCE) Dyer, Tamer (THE FERRYMAN) Hassan, Martin (EMBRACE OF THE VAMPIRE) Kemp, Jemima Rooper, Billy Murray and Lisa (PUMPKINHEAD: ASHES TO ASHES) McAllister this one was first mentioned back in November 2008. Now Quiet Earth have a couple of photos and a more detailed synopsis.

London: The not too distant future. Newgen Industries, a leading pharmaceutical company company, is trying to placate a media uproar. Its new “legal performance enhancer”, RAK-295, has met with spectacular failure during testing, causing severe physical and allergic reactions in all 30,000 of its test subjects….

Allergic reactions in all but one user… Angela Mills.

Angela is pregnant and is making arrangements for own leave of absence from a city full of woe and bad memories for her.

With Angela being the only person not to report any type of reaction to Newgen, Dr. Brooke (Head of Newgen) understands that Angela may hold the key to solving this disaster and enlists Cole, the head of security to find her and bring her in for examination.

But Cole, a hardened ex-mercenary, has just handed in his resignation to Peter White, the CEO of the company. Why? He wants out – the undercover violent and murderous job of solving problems ‘off the record’ has started to weigh heavy on his conscience.

…His timing couldn’t be worse. A violent outbreak of a RAK-295 test subject at Newgen’s labs reveals that the drug has far, far more catastrophic consequences then either Brooke, White or Cole could imagine. The drug reacts with extreme volatility in the subject, taking over their physiology and mental faculties, and causing accelerated and highly advanced muscular improvement, where that person becomes incredibly fast, incredibly agile, and incredibly ferocious – effectively that person ceases to be who they once were and instead are now these crazed and enraged beings. What’s more, not only does it make them impervious to pain, the drug carries a vicious contagion – one bite and the victim ‘turns’ too.

The outbreak claims Brooke and Peter White and during the struggle Cole is bitten – his fate sealed.

Or is it?..

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The Walking Dead – Fan film

Posted by LiveFor on February 23, 2010

While we wait for Frank Darabont’s TV adaption of Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead zombie comic here is a little glimpse of what we could be in for.

It is a scene from issue #51 of the comic so obviously lots of spoilers ahead if you’ve never read the comic. Directed and starring Brian Bedell as Rick Grimes it gives us a glimpse of the heartbreak and loss inherent in the series.

Nice work Brian.

Source: MTV

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