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Legion, 2010 – Movie Review. Watch out for Angels

Posted by LiveFor on March 5, 2010

Director: Scott Stewart
Starring: Paul Bettany, Dennis Quaid, Lucas Black, Charles S. Dutton, Tyrese Gibson
Released: 5th March 2010

This review by Richard Bodsworth.

Whether it is a moody Nic Cage, a filthy chain smoking dancing John Travolta, or a gang of chicks directed by McG, angels tend to get a bad rap in films. But how about a tooled up Paul Bettany holed up in an arse end of nowhere diner protecting mankinds last hope? Sounds like fun, right? Uh, not so much…

Furious at what humanity has become (damn you Simon Cowell) God has decided to wipe everyone out with an army of angels led by Archangel Gabriel. Surely a flood would have been easier? Unhappy at his masters’ plans, Archangel Michael (Bettany) cuts off his wings, gets himself some guns and sets off to a diner in the middle of New Mexico to protect a pregnant woman whose child is the key to the survival of the human race. There he is joined by a group of people who must help fight off the horde intent on killing them.
When the trailer debuted for Legion it seemed a ridiculously fun time would be had for all. The premise seemed like good old Hollywood fun, no doubt accompanied with cheap thrills, explosions and gunfire aplenty but what we have ended up with is a dull mess.

The opening, with its heavy handed characterisation and Hallmark movie music could have been forgiven if the action scenes were enjoyable, but they are not. With a complete lack of imagination during the gun battles, mid shot, he shoots, bad guy shoots back from long shot, it feels the job of editing has been left in the incapable hands of a high school student. Perhaps the students buddy would have made a better job of the CGI which at times is jaw-droppingly awful; this is confusing considering the director is a former visual effects developer. The cast, on paper, could be considered ‘strong’, but on closer inspection they are as flat as the characters they portray; Lucas ‘personality of a shit rooting pig’ Black turns in another outstandingly boring performance, Tyrese Gibson again plays the stereotypical ‘angry black man’ and you really do have to ask yourself how Dennis Quaid manages to get work? Seriously! Paul Bettanys Michael is angry and emotionless, his character attempts to be developed by flashbacks, but again the whole thing is rather dull.

To be fair, one fight does provide a cheap thrill or two and the crazed old lady is probably the standout but this is another case of the best parts being in the trailer. The main reason for the films failure is that it takes itself far too seriously. If Legion turned out to be a badly made yet fun B-Movie type it might have been better, but an intriguing premise has been destroyed by bad direction and a poorly written script which features far too many dialogue heavy scenes that include this Oscar bait, “I’m gonna get my bible, someone gotta start praying!”.

Remember as kids when it rained you would say, “that’s God taking a pee”? In years to come when kids see Legion they will say “That’s God taking a fat steaming turd”.

Verdict: *

Avoid like the plague!

2 Responses to “Legion, 2010 – Movie Review. Watch out for Angels”

  1. Sounds horribly like a reverse Dogma. But not funny. Such a shame, I was really hyped up to see this!

  2. Ifaz said

    It was underwhelming but I still kinda liked it.

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