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Green Lantern – The suit to be CGI

Posted by LiveFor on April 12, 2010

There has been a lack of images of Ryan Reynolds in costume as Green Lantern. I was thinking that was because studio security was doing well, but now it looks that the reason is that the suit doesn’t actually exist.

Reynolds has been wearing a motion capture suit for his scenes as GL. /Film had the news:

My source within Warner Bros assures me that the suit will look cool. Don’t let the words “Computer generated” scare you.

I must first remind you that Ngila Dickson, the costumer designer on the film has won an Academy Award for a little film called The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King. Maybe you’ve seen it before? Don’t let her Xena: Warrior Princess roots scare you, she worked on the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy, The Last Samurai (another film which earned her an Oscar nomination), The Illusionist, Blood Diamond and The International. She has an impressive IMDB page, for sure.

Ngila was tasked with trying to find a way to do something that stands apart from all of the other superheroes spandex suit designs we’ve seen in the past. Honestly, isn’t the look becoming overused?

Remember, the Green Lantern suit is something that should look alien — it needs to seem other worldly. It encompasses any creature that wears the ring, and Hal Jordan is the first human to ever wear the suit. This was a chance for Dickson to do something different. You also have to consider that Hal changes into the suit multiple times in mid scene, and the cg also allows him to do this.

I’ve heard that when the cg is complete, the suit will look like a manifestation of his power. And while I couldn’t confirm this, I’ve heard that DC’s Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns has seen the designs and given them his blessing.

The suit is lined with white LEDs, which I initially thought might be used to give a practical glow (kind of like how Billy Crudup wore blue LEDs to give the actors around Dr. Manhattan a blue glow in Watchmen), but I’ve since been told might just be for mo-cap tracking purposes.

To be honest I quite like this idea. The costume in the comic has been changed many times and most recently has a kind of aura thing going on with the GL symbol floating just in front of Hal’s chest. Therefore, a CGI version is the best way of doing this and should give it a really different kind of look compared to other comic book movies.

How do you feel about the suit being CGI?

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Carter Beats the Devil – Warner Bros may be bringing the magic to the big screen

Posted by LiveFor on March 26, 2010

Carter Beats The Devil is a novel by Glen David Gold. One of those books I have seen in the book stores, it’s got an eyecatching cover, but I have yet to read. Surprising as it has all that cool pulp, magicians and adventure type stuff that I enjoy. Wiki descibe the plot as:

The 1920s was a golden age for stage magic and Charles Carter is an American stage magician at the height of his fame and powers. At the climax of his latest touring stage show, Carter invites United States President Warren G. Harding on to stage to take part in his act. In front of an amazed audience, Carter proceeds to chop the president into pieces, cut off his head, and feed him to a lion, before restoring him to health. The show is a great success, but two hours later the president is dead, and Carter finds himself the centre of some very unwelcome attention indeed.

See what I mean? Sounds cool.

Film School Rejects had a chat with the author, who passed along the following news

Warner Brothers just optioned Carter this afternoon.  And yes, that’s something you can talk about.  Let’s keep fingers crossed.

Good news and I must have a read of the book to see what could be a great piece of film.

Have you read the book? Will it work as a film? Who could play Carter?

Call me Ish.

Carter Beats the Devil –
Carter Beats the Devil –

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Leonardo da Vinci – Action hero?

Posted by LiveFor on March 11, 2010

Warner Bros have got hold of a film called “Leonardo da Vinci and the Soldiers of Forever” from producer Adrian Askarieh, who is teaming with Vertigo’s Roy Lee and Doug Davison.

THR have that news that the project re-imagines Da Vinci as a member of a secret society who falls headlong into a supernatural adventure that pits the man against Biblical demons in a story involving secret codes, lost civilizations, hidden fortresses and fallen angels. Sounds like it could be fun.

Askarieh, who is producing via his Prime Universe banner, came up with the original idea and wrote the treatment, with a search for a writer now under way.

In the wake of the worldwide success of “Sherlock Holmes,” Warners seems eager to make more projects involving a period setting, a historical figure and the fantastical. Last week, the studio picked up a pitch that has Francis Lawrence attached to direct a supernatural tale featuring explorer Marco Polo, and director Guy Ritchie on the Warren Ellis King Arthur project.

Who could play Leonardo?

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Excalibur – Guy Ritchie to direct Warren Ellis’ Sword

Posted by LiveFor on March 4, 2010

Apart from the title of this post sounding wrong in a bad way this is some excellent news.

There are currently 2 King Arthur movies on the go in Hollywood. One is a remake of the 1981 Excalibure and Bryan Singer is attached to that. However, he is attached to an awful lot of other things so time will tell on that one.

Better news is for the Warren Ellis version of Excalibur which, “differs from the prior 751 King Arthur movies in many ways, but perhaps most obviously in that it is very specifically about the gathering of the Knights.”

Both versions are with Warner Bros and Pajiba have the news that Guy Ritchie will be directing the Ellis version.

Ritchie is riding high on the success of Sherlock Holmes and that film did go some way to proving to certain naysayers that he was more that just a Lock Stock kind of guy.

Ellis is the man when it comes to cool stories. He has written some of the best comics in recent years – Can’t wait for the Vol 2 Absolute edition of Planetary – so his take on King Arthur and the nights should be batshit insane, yet in a good way. The adaption of his comic book, Red, is currently shooting with Bruce Willis so movie wise Mr Ellis is on the right track.

Are you excited about Guy Ritchie directing a Warren Ellis tale of King Arthur? Who would you like to see play Arthur and what do you want to see happen in the film?

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The Flash gets a director

Posted by LiveFor on February 26, 2010

Another day, another DC Comic book film moves ahead. We have the possibility of Goyer and Nolan working on a Superman film and now IESB has the news that Greg Berlanti is the favourite to direct the fastest man alive, The Flash.

Berlanti wrote a draft for the Ryan Reynolds Green Lantern movieand was going to direct it before Warner Bros went with Martin Campbell.

No word on a script or star so still early days, but this is further along than a Flash film has been in the past. At one point Ryan Reynolds was rumoured to play him, but as he will he Green Lantern I doubt that will happen (it being the same universe). That gives us the splendid oppotunity to put our comic geek heads on (my fave after films) and wonder who would make a good Flash – not sure whether it will be Barry Allen or Wally West. I’m guessing the former. Neil Patrick Harris could be good. Bradley Cooper missed out on Green Lantern so he could be up for it.

Who should play Flash? Suggest some names in the comments and I’ll put a poll together.

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Warner Bros Blooper reel of 1936 – Bogart, Cagney, Claude Rains and more

Posted by LiveFor on February 24, 2010

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Christopher Nolan to be Superman’s Godfather and Batman 3 is being written

Posted by LiveFor on February 9, 2010

Christopher Nolan is currently hard at work on his sci-fi film, Inception, which is due out on 16th July. Since The Dark Knight there have been constant stories and rumours about what would be happening in the third film. More on that in a bit as the more interesting news via Deadline Hollywood, is that Nolan has supposedly been asked by Warner Bros to have a look at the Man of Steel and see how Superman could be brought to the big screen.

Now don’t get too excited. They have not asked him to write or direct a new Superman film. Instead they want Nolan to use what he learnt to make Batman so successful and apply it to Krypton’s favourite son.

Basically, he is going to be a mentor or godfather to any future Superman film which should mean it will be a hell of a lot better than Bryan Singer’s Superman returns (I still wish they would go with Mark Millar’s proposed Superman trilogy, but what do I know) and I think Warner Bros have done the right thing with this. The one worry is that they will make Superman all dark and moody, but Nolan took the core elements of what makes Batman work and used them to great effect so I fully expect him to do the same with Superman. I would love him to sit down for a chat with Grant Morrison as his All Star Superman was one of the best Superman comics in recent years.

Of course one of the main reasons for a new Superman film to be developed is to do with rights. According to Deadline, Attorney Marc Toberoff warns that, in 2013, the Jerome Siegel heirs along with the estate of co-creator Joe Shuster will own the entire original copyright to Superman — “and neither DC Comics nor Warner Bros will be able to exploit any new Superman works without a license from the Siegels and Shusters”. He’s also pointed out that, if Warner Bros does not start production on a new Superman sequel or reboot by 2011, the Siegels could sue to recover their damages on the grounds that the deal should have contained a clause in which the rights returned to the owners after a given time if no film was in development. The heirs of Siegel have already been awarded half the copyright for Superman. And in 2013 the heirs of co-creator Joe Shuster get the remaining half. After that, neither DC Comics nor Warner Bros will be able to use Superman without a financial agreement with the heirs.

if they don’t get a new Superman film sorted out super quick then they run the risk of having to pay out an awful lot of money.

As Nolan will have a hand in a new Superman film that could also pave the way for the big screen meet up of Batman and Superman. Wishful thinking, but it could happen.

What about Batman 3? Is that heading our way anytime soon? Turns out that Christopher Nolan came up with a story idea and Jonathan Nolan and David Goyer have begun work on a Batman 3 script.

Let the rumours of who and what will be in the next Batman film begin.

As for Nolan steering the direction of a Superman film do you think this is a good idea? Who would you like to direct it and what do you want to see in a new Superman film?

Check out some cool Superman T-Shirts over on Tees For All. The amazing picture at the top of the post is by the incredible Brian Bolland. I love his stuff.

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Justice League: Crisis On Two Earths – New images from the animated feature

Posted by LiveFor on December 30, 2009

We finally get a proper look at the Justice League’s evil, alternate-Earth counterpart, The Crime Syndicate, in these pictures from Warner Bros forthcoming animated film. The picture below shows Johnny Quick, Ultraman, Superwoman and Owlman. As you’ve probably guessed they are the evil Earth 2 version of The Flash, Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman.

That means The Jester (above) is an heroic version of the Joker and the pumped up Jimmy Olsen (bottom) is a bad guy.

Source: MTV Splashpage

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Dan Aykroyd is Yogi Bear. Justin Timberlake is Boo Boo. I want to gouge out my eyes with a spoon.

Posted by LiveFor on November 6, 2009

yogibearIn a story from The Hollywood Reporter, Anna Faris and Dan Aykroyd are in talks to star in Warner Bros. Yogi Bear. This will be a feature film based on the popular cartoon.

Yet another example of the film business destroying out childhood things.

Also negotiating to join the project is Justin Timberlake. Eric Brevig is directing this project which will be both live-action/CG.

Faris is going to play a nature documentarian who tags along on the antics of a bear in Jellystone Park. Aykroyd is going to voice Yogi, and Timberlake might voice Yogi’s companion, Boo Boo. I keep forgetting that Anna Faris was in Lost in Translation.

It looks as if the Ghostbusters are going to voice CGI characters one by one. Murray was Garfield, now Aykroyd as Yogi. That just leaves Ramis and Hudson.

The plan is for production on this project to start in New Zealand this December.

My plan is to get a posse together and stop yet another abomination of a film concept destroyed!

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Green Lantern leaving Australia

Posted by LiveFor on October 16, 2009

greenlanternAccording to The Hollywood Reporter, production on Green Lantern has been forced to leave Australia, due to the declining value of the American dollar.

It was said that the Australian dollar reached a 27-year high on Friday, which, compared to the falling U.S. dollar, would’ve added approximately $20 million to the Martin Campbell film’s production budget.

“After working closely with our partners at the NSW Film and Television Office (Screen NSW) and examining every scenario, we have decided to move the production of Green Lantern. We are extremely grateful for the assistance we have received from the NSW Government, Fox Studios and the NSW filmmaking community,” Warner Bros. said through a statement.

Production on the film was set to start in November and it was reported that it was likely Green Lantern would relocated to either Mexico or Canada.

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