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So peeps 2010 is here and it’s time for Live For Films, Ultimate Movie Challenge!

Think you watch a lot of movies? Do you think you could watch 300 in a year? Then this is for you.

It’s the first year we have tried this challenge so we are not quite sure how it will turn out, but we are gonna give it a bash anyway.

The plan is for everyone to watch 300 films in a year (check out the rules here) and post in our Weekly Update section (the rules, again) Those who do so will be entered into a draw for nice selection of DVD’s for you Film Sluts to further gorge on.  Also, keep an eye out during the course of the year for special DVD competitions!

If it fails spectacularly at least we will all get a laugh!

So sign up now and let’s get this show on the road!


2 Responses to “LFF MOVIE CHALLENGE”

  1. Jinja said

    Who won!?

    • liveforfilms said

      Glad you reminded me. I’ll get the winners names announced on the site when I am back at Live for Films HQ.

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