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Edward Norton says his return to the Hulk all depends on the timing

Posted by LiveFor on September 28, 2009

nortonEdward Norton was recently speaking to MTV when they asked him whether he would be playing Bruce Banner in The Avengers film.

“It’s purely a function of time,” said Norton. “It’s always about just working things out on the schedule.”

“I get very busy. You have to deal with the demands of your moment,” he continued. “I tend to keep my head in the thing I’m doing and I don’t speculate or worry too much about what two or three blocks down the thing is going to be. I know all these things will reveal themselves and work themselves out.”

“The thing about their universe that’s fun is that it all cross-pollinates,” said Norton. “Even when I was working on the ‘Incredible Hulk’ script, I tried to plug in the whole super-soldier serum thing from Captain America.”

“There are limitless permutations,” he said.

There you have it. He may or may not be in it. Thanks Ed, that really cleared things up.

One Response to “Edward Norton says his return to the Hulk all depends on the timing”

  1. Pat said

    well yea at least he considers it. to be honest, an actor of his class….i thought he just wanted the money he was offered by the studio for the one time and then walk from the project as fast as he could.

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