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Carter Beats the Devil – Warner Bros may be bringing the magic to the big screen

Posted by LiveFor on March 26, 2010

Carter Beats The Devil is a novel by Glen David Gold. One of those books I have seen in the book stores, it’s got an eyecatching cover, but I have yet to read. Surprising as it has all that cool pulp, magicians and adventure type stuff that I enjoy. Wiki descibe the plot as:

The 1920s was a golden age for stage magic and Charles Carter is an American stage magician at the height of his fame and powers. At the climax of his latest touring stage show, Carter invites United States President Warren G. Harding on to stage to take part in his act. In front of an amazed audience, Carter proceeds to chop the president into pieces, cut off his head, and feed him to a lion, before restoring him to health. The show is a great success, but two hours later the president is dead, and Carter finds himself the centre of some very unwelcome attention indeed.

See what I mean? Sounds cool.

Film School Rejects had a chat with the author, who passed along the following news

Warner Brothers just optioned Carter this afternoon.  And yes, that’s something you can talk about.  Let’s keep fingers crossed.

Good news and I must have a read of the book to see what could be a great piece of film.

Have you read the book? Will it work as a film? Who could play Carter?

Call me Ish.

Carter Beats the Devil –
Carter Beats the Devil –

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