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Captain America – Hugo Weaving could be the Red Skull

Posted by LiveFor on March 12, 2010

Marvel Studios are after Megatron, Agent Smith, V, Elrond, Hugo Weaving to play the big bad Red Skull in the Captain America movie according to THR. There is still no word on who will play Cap.

Joe Johnston is directing the movie. He also directed The Wolfman which Weaving also starred in.

In the comics there have been a few Red Skulls, but the main one is the Nazi, Johann Schmidt. This is how Wiki describe him:

Schmidt worked as a menial laborer and in his late teens, during the rise of the Third Reich, Schmidt got his most prosperous job; a bellhop in a major hotel, while there he served the rooms of Adolf Hitler himself. By chance, Schmidt was present when the Führer was furiously scolding an officer, during which Hitler pledged that he could create a better National Socialist out of the bellhop. Looking closely at the youth and sensing his dark inner nature, Hitler decided to take up the challenge and recruited Schmidt.

Dissatisfied with the standard drill instruction his subordinates used to train Schmidt, Hitler took over personally, and trained Schmidt as his right-hand man. Upon completion, Hitler gave Schmidt a unique uniform with a grotesque red skull mask, and he emerged as the Red Skull for the first time. His role was the embodiment of Nazi intimidation, while Hitler could remain the popular leader of Germany. To that end, The Red Skull was appointed head of Nazi terrorist activities with an additional large role in external espionage and sabotage. He succeeded, wreaking havoc throughout Europe in the early stages of World War II. The propaganda effect was so great that the United States government decided to counter it by creating their own equivalent using the one recipient of the lost Project Rebirth, Steve Rogers, as Captain America.

The Red Skull and Captain America continued to engage in a series of skirmishes throughout the war, ending with a final battle that left the Skull buried under the rubble of a bombed building. Because he was immediately exposed to an experimental gas there, he remained in suspended animation for decades

I have no problem with Weaving playing the Red Skull. I think he would be an excellent choice. The fact he spent all of V for Vendetta in a mask means there is no problem with the makeup side of things.

Fingers crossed Marvel Studios get him.

How do you feel about Weaving playing the Red Skull.

2 Responses to “Captain America – Hugo Weaving could be the Red Skull”

  1. Phil said

    I get images of a mask wearing nazi doing Hitler’s evil bidding just like Kroenen from Hellboy. In fact in the comic Bruttenholm was accompanied by The Torch of Liberty, a nazi fighting superhero, when he first found Hellboy.

  2. I like Weaving, but the Red Skull should be played by a German.

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